Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Friday!

Tis friday, YAY! My daughter finally went down for a nap, Double YAY! She has been fighting it since lunch time, and usually goes down at 2ish, but decided that she was going to cry, then laugh when I looked in on her in the play yard. What a little turkey. Somehow this was a fun game to her. Finally I stuck her in her crib upstairs with the nap blanket (she only has bedtime sleep in her bunting sack). Within 2 minutes she was out. Good grief. I am going to enjoy my little computer time while I can.

Been kinda busy today, first Ariel and I went to breakfast with dad/grandpa, then followed with coffee party at Aunty Fran's. So basically I did a lot of eating this morning. Whee. I did get a really nice long walk, and finally managed to find Cinnamon hearts for my dish on the table. For all the valentines junk they have out, they were lacking the cinni hearts for the past few weeks. Either way, I have them now, yum.

Its cute outfits like this, that make it hard to wait for summer. Can't wait to take her to the water park. Whee.

Found out it looks as if the big open house weekend for our church's new wing is gonna happen when we are in Michigan. Argh. Kinda bummed out, but not much we can do about it. It was to happen next month, but with the nursery not finished, they want to wait. Poo. We are working on a media presentation for the open house, so I guess we won't see it when its played. Blah. I know we are going to have a great time on our trip, and Ariel is going to see so many family and friends, that it helps cover up my disappointment.

Making a pork roast for dinner with baked potato for my man. I rock.

I shall go now, my computer time may be up... I hear a little voice. Have a ninja day (and weekend for that matter)!


SarahRachel said...

Ariel's crib is SO cute!! I know what you mean on the napping. Sometimes Jackson just has stubborn days. Oh, and I've already got two pairs of swim trunks for him for this summer! Summer clothes are way more fun! =) Also, that ninja video made me laugh..a lot..both times I watched it.

Jay said...

Thanks! :) I had fun decorating her room. I am glad I am not the only one into the summer gear. I can't wait, but at the same time I don't want to rush the year and have her grow so fast.

Glad you liked the ninja video, I can't get enough of that guy!

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