Thursday, January 25, 2007

Back or Back?

That is the question... confused yet? Well, I am back, but with me comes an incredibly sore back. (Ah, is it making more sense now?) On Tuesday morning I awoke with the a terrible knot on one side of my back. I soon realized the real pain would be more so trying to function with Ariel. Ugh. She is a lot heavier these days, which I think is how I hurt myself to begin with when I took her out in the car seat on Monday. How much do those seats actually weigh? She is almost to the point when we will need to look into the convertible ones.

As of today, the back is slightly improving. It comes and go depending on what I try and do. The hardest thing of course is bending down to pick up the princess. I did find it hard to sit, thus no blogs. I did take pictures though, that I can still do. Heh. This top one is Ariel in the dress little Chloe from church gave her. It was hers when she was a baby, such a lovely thing to do. The young girls really do love gushing over her, and I look forward to these wonderful role models for Ariel to look up to one day.

Even though I was sore, I had it in mind to start making baby food to freeze for Ariel. In a few weeks she will be starting, and trust me to want to be prepared. I got a book on the subject, that slowly moves up month by month. Showing neat recipes, what is the best age for it and if its freezable. Yay. The book also deals with the best solutions when dealing with possible food allergies. What foods are best and which to avoid for awhile in hopes of sidetracking allergies. With the list between Ken and I, its hard not to be surprised she will follow suit, but any prevention if possible is always worth a shot.

So I made up carrot, butternut squash, apple, pear and apple with pear combo. I filled my ice cube trays, froze them, then transfer them to freezer bags. Its a good start, but I do want to do some more next week.

I have also continued the cleaning and junking of clutter. Did the coat closet last night, and cleared out numerous pairs of shoes that no longer fit (its true about pregnancy making your feet grow -weird). Also cut a few coats and purses I don't use. It looks so nice in there now. Still trying to debate on if we will have a yard sale, its a lot of work, and if Ken teaches on weekends, it won't happen for awhile. Do I want various bags of stuff hanging out here that long? Hmmm.

I emailed our travel agent today, as we are trying to also get our flights booked for Michigan. I am thinking that we will most likely try and fly out of Seattle, as its our best bet on getting a non stop flight. That also means if Ariel's passport is late (due to the insanity of the lines at the offices), we are crossing the boarder via car and do not require the said passport (until next year), only birth certificate for her. Makes me relax a bit more. I think its gonna get here in time, but there are so many delays, that it does make me anxious. I saw a lady on the tv last night getting one for her 3 month old. Its seem so silly for babies to have them, but rules are rules. I am sure Ariel won't try and smuggle stuff in her diaper. Sigh.

Speaking of the princess, she is finally sleeping so I may take a nap myself. Bye!


SarahRachel said...

I hope your back feels better soon! We switched Jackson to his new carseat about a week ago. He was SO heavy! Let me know how Ariel likes the baby food puree cubes. That sounds like such a great idea.

Megan said...

I went on this total food-making binge on the hottest day in August! It seemed like a good idea at the time.. all that steaming and mashing. Good times!!

A word of advice: don't switch her to the convertible until you HAVE to. We did with Cade (because I thought he was getting too heavy too) but the carseats are so big his head kept flopping over when he slept (and we tried everything to not have him flop). This time I will keep him/her in the infant seat longer, and just take baby out of the seat instead of the whole seat out of the car. (Which is what you have to do with the convertible ones anyways.. at least you have the option of having a strong hubby carry the whole unit - seat and sleeping child - into the house for you!)

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