Monday, January 15, 2007

When its too cold to go out... with photos! We were having some fun seeing what would look cool. This was one of my favs, mostly since I love that hat and wanted to show it off. Hee.

Its dang cold again today. Yesterday was warmer, but I was told there is more snow coming. What the snot! I can't remember having this much of the white stuff before. Maybe back when I was a kid? Either way I don't like getting cabin fever, when it gets me stuck inside. Don't need to freeze Ariel, especially since we are finally on the mend. Yay.

Last night I made corn chowder for dinner and doubled it for the freezer. Actually I must have double doubled it (is that english?) because I ended up with 11 containers!!! Well, its good and I have lots now.

Ken is staying late twice this week for info sessions. He wasn't too excited about it since he is battling the same cold us girls had last week, and he has to go out in the cold. Makes it harder to recover. So lots of nice warm dinners and sleep. We succeeded in getting the last of the christmas stuff down and away. Whats the next holiday? Ken's Birthday? Hehe. Yes, then Valentines. Woot! Must get the little tree up. Yes I have decor for various holidays, makes it fun. Add Ariel to the mix, it should be very entertaining.

I was trying on some of the 6-9 month clothes on Ariel this morning, still big, but we are getting there. I think she is gonna be a baggy girl in somethings for awhile when we transition. Many of her 3-6 things are perfect fit, some are starting to show they aren't long enough. She isn't chubby but boy is she long. So to put the next size up will fit well in the length, but will look like she is one of those uber thin starlets in the eating department with the way they hang on her.

Tonight is the Golden Globes, a good lead up to the Oscars, and usually more fun to watch. Ariel's first award show. Lol. We will be checking out the fashion, thats really what its all about right?

Finally, Happy Birthday Aunty Kara! Thank you for the 5 month card! Ariel loves getting mail. Hee.


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful picture, J! What program did you use?

Jay said...

Hey Robyn!

I import my photos into photoshop, which I usually use for my graphics work. Its a fun program.

allison said...

I love the pic too. The pink in the flowers on her hat is light enough that it's not too stark when you remove the rest of the color. Nice job!

Jay said...

Thanks Allison! I have been lovin' the pictures of your girls. Especially that one of Ainsley on the message board. Too cute!

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