Saturday, January 27, 2007


Thats today in a nutshell. I took it upon myself to get a lot of little things, and big things for that matter, done today. First off, I don't think I ever posted this picture. I took it a week or so ago. This is Ariel's deication dress I made her. When she wore it back in August, it was a little big because she lost some weight that first week. It fits her just right these days, so you can imagine that she was swimming in it before. I am kinda glad she wore it as a new babe though, now all she wanted to do was kick in it. Hard to get a good picture of the detail with flying legs.

Ok, so this morning I got the numerous piles of laundry sorted, as Ken was going to take care of it tonight. Yay. I packed up Ariel in her stroller and headed out on foot into the fog. Its really thick now, and is rather pretty. First stop was the bank to drop off the coins I rolled from our change bucket. $42 bucks! Wow. That sure adds up fast.

Then I went to visit our travel agent, and got some opinions for our trip to Michigan. I wanted to talk to Ken before making it final, so I had to wait till lunch to call him. (We never bug the teacher at work, hehe). In the meantime, got a little gift for Rita (we are celebrating Rita's, Ken's and Mike's birthdays tomorrow night). Ran into Mrs Champion, had a quick chat and updated her on Nana.

I don't think I mentioned her excitment this week, if you call it that. On the Thursday, while going down our stairs, she thought she was on the last one and stepped off, only to be a few off and had a nasty fall, which I had to witness. My heart sunk, and I feel so aweful. She didn't make a big deal about it, until at coffee on Friday, when Aunty Fran thought she should get it looked at. She went to the ER after visiting the doctor, who wanted her to get a blood test to check for infection. Turns out there was a bit, so she has gone for 3 rounds of drugs. They left that little tube in her arm, I hate that thing! She is doing better, but we are ordering Chinese tomorrow for dinner so she won't have to cook.

I went to visit Nana and Papa, and waited till I could call Ken. Ariel had a laugh attack while there. Its pretty funny to watch, of course while she is doing this Papa was going on about the neighbours that moved out down the street. Heheh. Thats papa for ya.

Talked to Ken, and headed back to the travel place. I am happy to say we got a great deal (for a change) on our tickets. We are flying out of Seattle on a non-stop flight to Detroit. Next will be booking the various hotel, car etc. Next step is to book our house sitter. I think we have someone in mind, have to keep getting new gals as they all seem to get married. Geeze! Heheh. I love knowing someone will be here taking care of things.

Came home and made the german chocolate birthday cake Ken wanted. Yum. Then I prepared my apple and raisin stuffing and got the chicken ready to pop in the oven when Ken was on the way home. I love that recipe, soooooooooo good on cold days. Ariel had a nap, also nice, and I got to do some stitching.

After dinner, got Ariel bathed and into bed. Ken and I went through our books and have a huge pile of ones that will go in the yard sale or to the second hand book store. Ken did 3 large loads of laundry, and emailed the family about our booked trip. Talk about a full day! I am ready for bed. Good night!


Dynamitedianne said...

Phew! Just reading that made me tired! But don't you love those days where you go to bed feeling like so much was accomplished?

Dress looks beautiful. It was hard to see on Ariel's dedication day. I didn't realize just how much detailed work you had put into it... not that I'm surprised :)

Take care!

allison said...

Great job on the dress! And I have to admit, that post made me tired!

Natalie & Peter said...

Janet, just because I got married does not mean that I cannot housesit for you!!!! When are you going away and for how long?
I am interested, I never get to see any of my friends anymore and I think this would be a good chance!!!! Pick me, Pick me! :)
Call me...604-308-0929.

SarahRachel said...

That dress is amazing!! And your day was SOOO much more productive than mine! Also, this post made me hungry.

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