Monday, January 29, 2007

Party, whee!

So last night was the birthday gathering at Nana and Papa's. Since Nana needs to stay off her foot, we ordered Chinese food, yum. I made a german chocolate cake for dessert. Here is Daddy and Ariel posing with the cake (and all the leftover chinese containers in the background).

Mike was happy with the huge ass poker set we got him. This thing comes with its own wheels and handle because its so heavy. He finally realized why we wanted to give it to him early, rather than wait. Heheh. Poor Ken popped a blood vessel in his hand getting it out of the box. Ouch.

Last night also marked Ariel transitioning into the 6 month clothes. They are kinda baggy on her, which is kinda annoying but we went through this back when we jumped to the 3-6 clothes from 0-3 ones. Funny thing is that coat she is wearing from Grammy, its like a 3 month size but yet its still huge on her. Strange? I do find the clothes from the US to be bigger than the ones here in Canada. Frankly, it works out in my favour, so I can't complain.

So the vacation plans are coming together. Grammy (Ken's mom) wants us to go to Frankenmuth, which is dubbed Michigan's little Bavaria. We looked it up last night and its super cute and I am excited to go. Whee. A vacation within a vacation. After my comment from Natalie (lol, you are too funny!) I think I may have a house sitter, just need to confirm the dates. I will contact you soon girly.

Today is going to be low key. Maybe some more cleaning. We managed to go through the closet and dresser and have 2.5 garbage bags full. Yikes. So it looks as if we will be having our yard sale when we return from our trip, as Ken has a few weekends free before his classes start up again. The question is now, can we handle having all these bags through out the house till then? Hmm.


Natalie & Peter said...

Janet, you gotta admit, time apart can do wonders dont you think? i mean i get time with just the girls and peter can have boy time. and then we miss each other so much that when we get together again it is good!!!! i miss ladner and this is a good excuse. :)

Jay said...

Anything to keep the magic alive right. Hahah. Email me (basically to remind me) and and I can pass on the dates and stuff. :)

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