Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I have seasonal depression disorder. SAD. No, actually I just was watching Degrassi, and man I am totally upset. It was weird, we knew who was gonna get killed tonight, there was alot of hype leading up to it, but boy I wasn't expecting it to be so powerful. Both Ken and I were somewhat quiet for the remainder of the show. Poor JT. I must say it was far more graphic then the whole Rick shooting Jimmy a few seasons back. I haven't checked Meeka's blog yet, but I bet she is commenting on this episode tonight too.

Other stuff, still sick, blah. Ariel has a sniffly nose and a bit of a cough. Poor thing. She has been happy as usual though, so its kinda funny to see her smile through it all. What a trooper! I will post pictures soon, but I keep leaving the camera downstairs and frankly, I don' t feel like running to get it at the moment since I need to go get Ariel into bed.

Will give you a good post soon, promise!

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