Monday, January 08, 2007

Head in a bucket

Thats how I feel at the moment. Just when I thought Ariel was getting a cold, I have one. Doh! When we got home last night my throat started aching and my nose was stuffy. Blah. Needless to say, I am uber clogged this morning and not functioning that well. I made the point of waking Ariel at 630 to feed her and put her back to sleep. Thus giving me more time this morning to rest without having to worry about her. She is fast to sleep, on her tummy! Yes, she now rolls to her tummy when she is sleeping. I turned her back a few times only to watch as she flipped quickly back to what she seems to prefer. Little stinker.

Dinner was really nice, Mike and Josee did a fantastic job. Its not easy cooking a big meal for 8 people. It was also great to see their place with the wonderful 'woman' touches. Hehe. Naw, it was really nicely decorated, and you should see how high off the ground their bed it. Jo demonstrated the running leap you take to get in. Lol.

Since I seem to be writing about the day backwards, I shall continue. Church was nice, first one of 2007 and I missed the sermon when Ariel decided she wanted something to eat. Oh well. It looked good from where I sat. We are going to be having church at the local high school for a few weeks as they paint, carpet and basically redo things. It will be odd to return to a totally different place, but exciting too. I remember the first day we had our service in that church, and in a few weeks, its going to feel like that again, only I'm older and have a totally different view on the whole process, unlike when I was a kid. Ariel is not going to remember this time, only through the pictures. Weird.

That would bring us to the end of my post, but it does continue as we had a rough sat night/ sun morning with Ariel. I do believe its the teething thing. She was waking up every few hours and she would HOWL! Poor thing. Last night when getting her ready for bed, she started that particular cry again and had her whole hand in her mouth. When I looked at her gums, they did seem swollen. I ended up giving her some pain med and that did the trick. She slept pretty much like she usually does. A few moans that I checked her on, but she was still sleeping soundly. It had to be something pretty bad to mess with her, since she is such a trooper.

Well, I am going to rest, rest and rest today. Here's hoping this doesn't last long.

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