Friday, January 05, 2007

Snakes on a baby!

Hehe. Its Ariel's version to one of big movies of 2006. I can't believe I had to write 'Snakes on a plane' in her baby book. Well, I didn't have to, but isn't that part of the fun when looking back years later. She will ask about the movie and in turn, I will tell her to talk to Uncle Mikey. Lol.

I haven't been on much this week, due to the fact it was hard to get to the computer. I had all the christmas storage boxes out and it was a disaster zone. I was a little overwhelmed trying to fit the new tree back into its box. Its not as easy when all the branches are attached to the pole, but after a good wrestling match the score is Jay- 1 Tree-0.

While Ariel napped today, I got the remainder of the boxes put away in our secret closet (we didn't find it until we were living here for a month). Its perfect of christmas storage and the odd birthday present.

So Ariel is showing signs of teething, and so begins the waiting game. Poor thing was so cranky yesterday and refused everything and everyone except to sit in my arms. So let the bets begin, when will the first tooth appear. There may be a prize in it for ya!

Other news, the car is at the car doctors (as I call it). Its been there a few days getting the remainder of the things that needed to be fixed. The final price isn't terrible, but after Christmas and the upcoming Michigan trip, its a bit of a pain. Oh well. Its only money right?

So BC Place is broken! Haha. No really, there is a huge hole in it. When I talked to Ken at lunch (he can see it from his work) he said it looks like it was photo shopped. On top of that, there is more snow downtown, good grief. As long as its not around here. I've had my fill of it.

Sunday we are going to the newlyweds (Mike and Jo) home for dinner. I am looking forward to a night off from cooking, whee. Tomorrow is Ken's last saturday off until his part time classes he teaches start up again. So I will have to make it extra fun.


Sonny said...

Its time to get this M********** snake of this M******* baby!

hahaha, cute... it's an awesome movie!

Dynamitedianne said...

BC Place collapsing, hey? I saw pictures. Crazy!

Why does all the exciting stuff happen after I move away? First windstorms, and now this. BAH!

Kristie said...

Cute picture!!!

This is Kristie from BIA 2006. :)

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