Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Tricks

Last night I was reading the message board I belong to for babies born in August, and there was a gal who was showing off these neat tricks she can do with her camera. Turns out we have the same camera, and I had no idea I could do these things! I couldn't find the manual so I downloaded it from the manufactures website and got to playing with the settings. Basically, the one that really interested me was that you could select a color and then when you take the picture, the camera will only show that color and the rest of the image is in b/w. So this one has red selected, and so the surrounding blanket is b/w.

These ones I selected blue and then aqua.

Then I found out how to take pictures with the cameras sepia and b/w feature. I have always just changed my images in photoshop, but it was cool to see I could just do that from the start. Nifty.

Ariel sure ended up being my test subject. Hehe. We did this while watching the Golden Globes, some very nice dresses this year. Ken got home at 930pm, so we were able to get the girly to bed and hang out for a bit. He still has a stuffed up nose. Ick. Hoping he gets better soon. Ariel jumps when he blows his nose. Haha.


Kim said...

Those are some neat pictures! It's really cool that you can do that on your camera . . . makes me wonder what mine can do! Your little model sure looks happy in those pictures :-)

Jay said...

I know, these digital cameras have so many little tricks, that unless you read the manual cover to cover, you can miss something for sure. Hehe. Yes, Ariel is a good model, she loves the camera.

Dynamitedianne said...

Too cool! I'm pretty sure my camera doesn't do that. I told Chris I wanted the digital camera for dummies, and that it is. Perfect :)

I missed the golden globes :( Glamour-dress watching... that is my true favourite sport.

SarahRachel said...

The color accent setting is my favorite one on my camera! It's so much fun to play with! Thos are great pictures!

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