Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Going on day 3...

... and still sick. Blah. We are making the best of it, just not getting much done. It does however always seem to be when my graphics work pops up the most is when I am sick. Maybe its some kind of radar. Strange. Anyhoo, any free moments I have when Ariel is sleeping or willing to co-operate, I get my work done. I have managed to stay on top of it so thats a plus. Huzzah!

My mornings have consisted mostly though of keeping up with the whole Rosie vs Trump on the View. Lol. I have to say this show is finally somewhat entertaining with it always in trouble about something. It use to be such a lemon, now I actually want to catch it so I don't miss the next big thing that will be the talk of the evening tabloid shows for weeks. I haven't been disappointed. Hahah. I know thats sad, especially when there is so much going on in the world at the moment, but Ariel and I are sick and frankly, thats all I care about at the moment.

Actually, she is still as happy as ever. This girl does sick very well, not at all like her dad. Heh. In fact, all she wanted today was to be in only her diaper. She was fussy until I took off her sleeper, no joke. I took it off to change her and she was smiling and giggling. I didn't have the heart until bedtime to redress her. Which I might add, I got huge tears when that happened. With the closet of clothes she has, this isn't a good thing. She is so funny sometimes. I made sure to document this as proof when she is older, oh so cool and wants some over priced jeans. Payback!

So I woke up to snow this morning, ack! I told it to stay away, but apparently it didn't listen. Its very pretty. Sigh. Its so hard to hate it when its pretty. However, it did take Ken forever to get home, and I can only imagine how tomorrow will be. The hale last night was cool though. Big ones too. They covered our deck, like those ice cream dots. Yum.

I really have nothing else to say because I haven't really done anything since getting sick. I have a huge list of things to do once I am not. Most involve cooking, so I can't until its safe. Don't want to freeze my germs for later. Chowder with a side of sniffles. As promised, a backlog of pictures, as I finally brought the camera upstairs. Enjoy!

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Dynamitedianne said...

Ariel is a trooper. A cute, cute trooper. So are you :)

Get well soon! Maybe some tea to go with your snow-fall will help.

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