Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Breath of Life...

Well, we survived the Animation Festival weekend! It all began on Friday evening when we went to the church to start setting up the rooms with the computers and supplies. Ariel joined us of course and after starting at 630pm we didn't actually leave till 10pm, so Ariel gets the award for best daughter! She was awesome and was a total angel.

While we were setting up, we just happened to see the beautiful light shinning through the stain glass, simply stunning. I love this picture.

Ariel of course was totally drained by the time we were wrapping up. She even came up to us and kept saying car... car? As if to mean, get me in the car and get me home, I am sleepy. What a trooper!

Next morning, we were back at the church bright and early at 9am. The helpers started arriving at 10am so it was around then that things got rolling. Ken got everyone briefed and doing practice runs with the softwares or preparing demos. By noon we were ready and had some pizza for lunch. Yum.

At 1pm the kids started to arrive and it got really exciting and overwhelming at the some time. We had around 100 people (kids and adults) come through the doors during the course of the festival, totally awesome! Everyone was having a fabulous time, and we didn't have any major kinks at all.

Ariel again was AMAZING! She missed her nap and yet kept busy with several people taking time to watch her for us so we could run around and keep things running smoothly. We only had one moment of panic when Brenda realized she had crept away from her. Thankfully she was sitting on the stairs, totally oblivious. Gave Mommy and Daddy a good scare. Brenda felt horrible but all we cared about was the fact she was alright.

Ariel really liked the flipbook Grandpa made, she kept laughing at it. Hee hee.

Doodle room was cool too. Except she wasn't impressed when she got marker on her hands.

The caricature artist did a super cute drawing of Ariel for us. Haha.

I had so many pictures and footage from the animation the kids did, that I had to put it all together into a little movie. It really was a big success and we hope it can become an annual event. Wouldn't that be something, wow. Enjoy a little piece of our day at the Breath of Life Animation Festival. Whee.

After the festival wrapped up at 5pm, we spent time cleaning up and then went to dinner with Kevin and Brenda to celebrate an amazing day. I tell ya, that dinner never tasted so good. Yummy. I brought Ariel home while Brenda and Ken drove to Vancouver to return things to the school. My little princess crashed pretty fast.

Today we had church, and still made it regardless of how tired we were today. My voice is pretty much gone and I have a bit of a stuffy nose. I guess its what I get for those long days. Blah. Ariel was getting cranky in the nursery today, especially after skinning her knee, ouch. She was totally upset and overtired, so we told her she got to do what she wanted to do after church.

That then led us to the bunnies, her new favorite hangout. She was totally happy watching the baby bunnies come out of hiding and visit her.


There he is! Hi bunny! Sooooooo cute.

Then after bunnies I asked what Ariel wanted for lunch. Of course first answer was cookies. Typical right? Hehe. Then came fries, so we spoiled her by getting a Happy Meal from McDonald's. Ken and I tried the new sandwiches they had only to be disappointed that there was no tomato in them. Apparently they are having a situation and so the tomatoes were removed from all burgers. I later found out it was due to salmonella poisoning. Yuck.

Ariel was so happy with her nuggets and fries, not to mention the big talking panda that came with her meal. She then went right to bed and had a good long nap. Actually its time to go wake her up and have dinner. Wow, that day went by fast!

Not much planned for this week... need to recover for the next few days. Hoping tomorrow I will have my voice back, wouldn't that be nice.


Tracie said...

Great looks like a ton of fun! WTG Ariel, what a little trooper!

Kristin said...

That fist picture is awesome!!

Looks like the festival was a big hit and it looked like fun. Fun slide show. :)

Anna said...

Sounds like a lot of work to me. Glad it all went well! Hope you all recover this week.

Brenda said...

Cool, looks like a fun, busy day! Gotta love the waiting for the bunny pic the best though! :)

Amy said...

WOW that's a lot of work you guys did! ITA with Brenda on the waiting for the bunny pic :)

jilltan said...

Glad it went so well!! GHreat pictures! I love the drawing of Ariel!

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