Tuesday, May 29, 2007

2 dinners out!

Yep, I haven't had to cook 2 nights now, and its been great! All comes to an end tomorrow, but thats ok. Got a new recipe to try, whee.

So on monday we joined Fran and John for a belated Christmas turkey dinner. We were to go back during the holidays but the house was full of sickies, and the turkey was cancelled. Nothing better than unexpected turkey goodness. Yum. Maureen, Darrel and the kids were passing through, heading on their way to Disneyland. Very exciting. I look forward to the day we get to take Ariel.

Its amazing to see how fast these kids are growing. Maureen mentioned something about Andrea going up 3 shoe sizes since Christmas. Good grief. They are both tall though, so its no surprise to see the kids sprout up. Ken and I aren't as tall, heck we are short, lets face it. Hehe. So I doubt Ariel is going to be as note worthy in that department, but maybe she will surprise us.

Tonight was dinner with our Life Group (aka Bible study). It was our summer wrap up, and we had a potluck, and I had to bring the buns... I guess those with the baby get off easy. It was really yummy and great to catch up with everyone. Ariel got to play on the trampoline and was playing dress up, just call her Tigger.

Tomorrow Nana and I are meeting with Pastor Dave to work out the details to the dedication of my mom's memorial garden. I was asked tonight how I am feeling about it. At this point, its just a circled date on the calender. Once I am there, it will be emotional I am sure. In a way, its a not so much a funeral but a documentation of her life that will be shared with our church, and all those who never got to know her. I look forward to sharing that with people. They missed out on a pretty fabulous woman.

Now the recap from the big 9 month visit to the doctors. Ariel is officially 19lb, and measuring at 28.5 inches. Long and skinny. Everything was great, and Ariel is right on track. Its always nice when the doctor tells you that your doing a great job, its encouraging that I haven't messed her up yet. Hahah. Give me time...

Oh, and here is a quick video of her 2 top teeth, and it turns out they aren't the lateral incisors but in fact the cuspids!!! Yes, my daughter has her 18month teeth first. Wacky girl. They wanted to see on the mommy board, so I got this little snippet. It makes me laugh, she is such a turkey.

Ok, that is all, Jay over and out!

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kelly said...

CUTE pictures!!!
love the video of the teeth - i call that the hippo smile, in a very affectionate way, of course :)

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