Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

And so today marks, as Natalie put it, my first alive baby mother's day. Yes, I had proof this year. Haha.

The morning started with Ken bringing me breakfast in bed, complete with flowers, cards from him and Ariel and a pretty set of earrings. After eating my pancakes and getting the flowers into water, we all got ready to leave for church. I was really nervous about the video getting shown today. Much more so than I thought I would. I guess its me putting a bit of myself really up on display regarding the loss of my mom.

We got to church, and met up with Kevin who was the guest speaker for Ken's class today. Great stuff and I think the class enjoyed it too. Nana arrived along with Dad, Rita, Aunt Penny and Uncle Bill and took Ariel as I was returning pictures to their owners. Thats when I had a meltdown...

While giving pictures back, I handed Irene the envelope that she had given me a last week with a photo that had been dropped off at the church. She looked a bit confused and said it was Anna's photo (as it had her handwriting on it). My heart sunk, I pulled out the only photo that was in there, clearly not Anna or her kids. The tears were streaming now, had I 1.- Lost someones picture? 2. - Or worse not got them in the video! Irene tried to calm me down explaining not to worry, too late. I felt terrible.

I pulled Ken out of the service and told him what happened, and asked if he could grab Anna so we could tell her the mistake before the video was shown. I cried while explaining what happen and then a surprise... her photo was never in the envelope! She was at the office when the gal whose photo was in there, dropped it off. She put it in the envelope and wrote on it, thus explaining her handwriting. I hugged her and cried, I think this was a deeper emotion than really the video. Feeling better we joined the family inside.

When the video was finally shown, I watched with tears again rolling down my cheek... I wasn't the only one this time. In the end the service was lovely and one I will remember for awhile.

Had lunch at Dad and Rita's, with now Papa, Kyle and Megan joining us as well. We split into guys or girls only tables, kinda funny, and had a fantastic lunch. After visiting, sharing the pics and video from our trip we all headed off.

Ken watched Ariel while I got some much needed time to finish up some things for the tea, while rocking out my music. Frankly, that was the best gift, just some time to myself! We ordered dinner from the Boot and ate together. We closed the night watching the last 7th Heaven and the Survivor finale. The part I really liked on 7th Heaven was the small scene between a character that had been introduced as a street person earlier in the season, but we all know there was something more behind him. As the family got into the big RV, taking a vacation of a lifetime, the character asked Eric to take him too. 'You can drive and I can guide you... come on, take me with you.' Take it as you will, but I know the underlying message behind that statement... and he does let him come along, just in case you were wondering.

Tomorrow is the big 9 months! Expect pictures!


Anonymous said...

Do you think you could post the video so that i can see it too? I can always see it when I'm home if it's too much hassle to do it online... just a thought!
~Kara :)

Jay said...

I am gonna try and upload it tonight to google video, since its so big. If it works, then it will be posted. :)

Miss ya!

Sonny said...

HAPPY (belated) MOTHERS DAY JAY! Little Ariel is getting big and oh so cute!

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