Monday, May 21, 2007

Long Weekend, woot!

What do you do on a long weekend? Sleep in!!!!!!! And so we all did. Yay.

Its been a nice weekend in general, rain and all. It all started on Friday when Ariel and I met grandpa John for breakfast. There was another baby sitting next to us and it distracted her quite a bit. She was older and yet didn't seem that interested in talking, something Ariel never takes well. Heh. Had a good visit and talked briefly about the big first birthday this August. I think we are going to have a BBQ, yummy.

After breakfast Ariel and I went to buy some new plants for the deck. Got some really pretty ones and saw about 5 people we knew. I guess it was a good planting day. Ariel took a nice long nap while I got them into the pots and I am quite pleased. I even got a new little tree to replace my dead topiery. Its a little spruce, and I look forward to decorating it for christmas, hee.

Saturday we took Nana out to Linens and Things to get a wedding gift, and hit Ikea for the $1 breakfast. Apprently, lots of people had the same idea, but we were fortunate to be given a table by a nice lady and her family. When we had finished, I saw a young family come in with their baby, much like we did, overwhelmed at where they could sit. I went over and offered our seat since we were leaving, mentioning there was already a baby seat there as well. They seemed surprised and very thankful. She kept saying, that was such a nice thing to do, I think its something we should always be doing... maybe the world would be better, one little thing at a time.

Only other major event is Ariel's obbession with the sterio! She can't get enough of it, and loves the High School Musical cd. Here is a sampling of the pics over the past few days...

See a trend? Hehe. I got another cute video, but I have to upload it later.... I am going out to sewing to see the girls, and Stella! She got back last night, so until later, bye and happy long weekend!

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