Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hope your comfortable...

...cuz its gonna be a long post! Maybe go grab some snacks while you can. Hehe. Been pretty busy since Friday, and got lots of pictures to share. Whee, here we go!

Ok, after the terrible migraine incident, which is pretty much gone now (I was still sore on fri. and sat.) I got back into the swing of things. Friday mid morning was our monthly coffee party. Since we were wrapping up for the summer, we had our potluck lunch but also tied in a surprise bridal shower for Carol. She is getting married next month on June 30th, a good date. Hehe. We will celebrate our 6th anniversary that day, crazy.

We played some games, ate lots of amazing food and had a great time. We gave Carol a day at the spa as her gift. I got my cake made and decorated the night before, and I was so happy with it. My little bride and groom strawberries were time consuming, but worth it. Ariel had a great time playing with the toy car outside and eating mango. Here are some of the pics from the party.

Afterwards, Stella and I had Nav come by and we got fresh pedicures. I got a very bright pink, complete with daisies and some tiny crystal stones. I feel like such a girl, hee. We are going to get Ariel's toes done for her 1st birthday, haha. Won't that be cute.

Then I was off to Christy's for a BBQ. Ken was going to meet me there, and then we had to go off to Dad's house to visit with Aunty Valerie who was in town. Ariel had a great time playing with the other kids. She loved the bubble machine, I think we need to get one for her. I got to see the new babies Christy's sisters had. Makenzie and Marissa, both around 3 months. Very cute. Christy's daughter is now 2 years old, wow. Alasyn was keeping good track of Ariel, but also made sure to let her know what toys were hers. Ariel just kept laughing at her, it was nice for her to have some girls to play with. She loves kids.... and dogs... there was a big one at the party as well, she liked him alot! He was like a bear! Ariel kept waving to get his attention, talk about no fear. Ok, more pictures!

Had a nice visit at dad's with Val (Jim was out investing... aka the River Rock casino). Watched Ariel dance and play for a few hours. Came home and crashed... It was a big day.

Saturday was scheduled to rain, and so instead of going to the concert at May Days with Ariel, we spent the day with Grandpa! He and Rita were buying Ariel's new car seat for her birthday present. So we drove off to Toys R Us, and checked out the pretty seats. We found a great 3 in 1 seat by Eddie Bauer that Ariel really liked. She sat in it and loved the fabric saying ooh. She even has her own cup holder! Lol. Its really nice so that is a very awesome gift, thanks!

We had lunch at White Spot while Ariel slept, too much excitement. Had a quick dash around the mall, doing some shopping for various gifts, then came home. Ken got home at 6ish, only to have to drive back out to the school to get his dvds he left out. Oops. He came home again, we had dinner and then a walk out to rent a movie, Dreamgirls, soooooooo good! We walked through the May Days to see the rides and games briefly to get a sneak peek.

Sunday morning we were out at the park bright and early for church. We had our service with a few other churches, and it was great as usual. Ariel loved the music and was quite into the fact we were outside. We got some fish and chips for lunch and found a spot to watch the parade. Had some friends from the church join us, so that was cool. Ariel was really into the floats, people and dogs. Yes, there were lots of dogs, and each one would get a bigger squeal!

Took Ariel to the petting zoo, she liked the bunny (which nearly escaped from Ken), got made a fire fighter, and took in the crowning of the new May Queen and may pole dance. Had lots of goodies... feeling full now.... Ariel even played a game and won a duckie! Saw lots of friends, including the newly engaged Kristina and her gorgeous ring! Yay. On the way home got to visit with Rose and Lori outside the coffee shop until Ariel started showing signs of being ready to crash. She fell asleep shortly after we started walking home and is still sleeping, so Ken decided to grab a nap too. Here are some more pictures from the fun.

Ok, I guess that winds it up, until another week starts! We have the big 9 month doctor visit tomorrow, new stats will be posted, so stay tuned. She had her first pancake yesterday morning, loved it! Also, one new thing she has learned is going up the stairs! Here is a short video from last night, Happy May Days!

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SarahRachel said...

ya'll are so busy!! That cake you made is gorgeous and it looks like a fun group of ladies. I love the pics from the May Day activities. The last few seconds on that video of Ariel are PRICELESS! She's so strong to get up all those steps! That was a fun one! :)

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