Wednesday, May 23, 2007


You know with a title like that, it can't be good. Haha. Yes, well at about 5pm last night I was making dinner and Ariel was playing. The news suddenly disappeared from the tv, and I thought, oh great, you learned how to turn off the tv. Fabulous! Upon further inspection, I saw that Ariel was not guilty, but that the power had gone out... sort of. If anyone remembers the stories of the time when half of house's power was off and the other half wasn't, this is again the case. I scanned the room, sure enough, fridge off, oven on, stereo off and computer on. Ugh.

So I called BC Hydro, and they hadn't gotten word yet so thats always good to hear. yeah.... Well, I saw numerous neighbours yakking about it, so at least I knew it wasn't just me. Our building guy came by and told me that the think underground blew up.... again. This was the issue last time. Last time it took a day and a half to fix. I plugged the fridge into a working outlet and went about my business.

Ken got home, we had dinner and figured out we could plug the tv into another outlet using an extension cord. Huzzah, it worked and I got ready for a Dancing with the Stars Idol Showdown night.... at least I thought I was....

At 8:05pm, barley into Ryan yakking about how far these kids had come in the competition, POOF! No more power, AT ALL! Ugh. I heard the kids outside, the power is OFF, can we have the ice cream in the freezer! I called the Hydro line... no power till... 2am.

Considered me rather cheesed. Ariel was in bed, and I was without my big exciting line up. So I stitched until the sun went down and I couldn't see anymore. We watched my new 7th Heaven dvd on the laptop till it died, thus making it officially bedtime.

Around 3am, Ariel was up and I saw the power had come back, yay. Got her back into bed, and went to check the internet who won the dancing last night. Stopped by Facebook, saw a friend had gotten engaged! Woot! Then back to bed.

Here's hoping no booms for a long time.

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