Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Playing in the pool

Twas another beautiful day! Its really starting to get hot now, and it will be interesting to see what Ariel thinks. She discovered she doesn't like the feel of the hot deck on her hands and feet, ouch. But she does love the pool and so we got lots of pictures of playtime.

Had the meeting with Pastor Dave and Nana in regards to mom's memorial garden. Did some crying and sharing of the past seven years frustrations and changes. Like I said, it changes over time, it never gets easier, just different. You go through ups and downs as your life continues, with marriage, children etc. Just when you think you have let go so much, something brings it all back to the surface... like today... I just saw on facebook that a girl I know from church, just lost her dad. Sigh. Its one of these never ending things that will continue to break our hearts and shape our lives in ways we never thought. Keep Shannon in your prayers and that of her family.

Afterwards, had a stop over at Nana's and then on to Stella's. Had a nice lunch on the deck. Ariel attempted to drink from a cup, got over excited and basically got most of it on herself and Stella, pretty funny. Actually, I was laughing my head off and Ariel started laughing at me. It was something I wish I had on film because it was something you just had to see to believe how crazy and funny it was.

While Ariel played with my keys and tore up a People's magazine (she doesn't care for trash magazines much), we got the birthday dress all cut out. Whee! I am so excited, its gonna be too cute. During this, Kara called!!!!!!! It was great to talk to her live, and I hope the next 2 weeks go fast. It will be great to have her back home. Yay. Ariel is very excited too, so much that she nearly hung up on her when it was her turn to talk. Oops.

Came home, Ariel napped, I relaxed and made a yummy dinner. Ken has gone out to have 'guy time' with his buddy Toby. I think I may get princess ready for bed... later!

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