Sunday, May 06, 2007


That seems to be the word of the day here. I was busy scanning pictures for the mothers day video I am working on for church, when suddenly all I am getting are files of nothing but lines, green streaks and basically a sign of bad things to come. After doing some troubleshooting and trying all the tricks in the book, I came to the conclusion, the scanner was toast. Dang.

Now, on any other occasion, this wouldn't have been such a big deal, but with my project deadline looming, I had no choice but to buy a new scanner. I am actually surprised the sucker lasted the length of time it did. It was over 5 years old and had its issues, but nothing serious. So, Ken called the local London Drugs to see if they had any scanners in stock. Sure enough they did and we all packed into the car and took off as we knew they closed early on sundays. Of course it was raining too, and getting a baby into and out of a car in the rain isn't much fun.

We picked out another scanner, actually we took the only HP they had. I was happy with the last one, so why mess with what you know, right? Came home and spent some time unpacking new scanner, unplugging old scanner and installing various things. Whee. Now, I am the happy owner of a new and improved scanner named 'speedy'. Its pretty darn fast, and compared to my old scanner, newly dubbed 'toast', its amazing. Ariel prefers the box, but what else is new.

Other news, we had a mellow weekend. We had planned to do some fun trips to the park downtown for Ken's last Saturday at home, but we weren't up to it after our news friday. Instead, we did some simple tasks of buying hamburger meat at costco and picking up the stuff I will need to make Ariel's birthday invitations. We are planning her big party for August 18th. Her real b-day is the 14th, and most likely will have a smaller gathering. Ken's family is coming in that week, so most likely will be off and about having fun.

I read a funny article in my parenting magazine about how parents throw huge 1st birthday parties, and it isn't so much for the kid, but a party to celebrate the fact they survived the first year of childhood. Haha.

Well, its back to normal tomorrow. I think I may try and get to quilting in the morning, we will see how princess is. Speaking of the darling, here is a cute pic in her cowgirl duds (as I refer to them as). Hope you all had a nice weekend, without a lot of 'dang' moments.

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Dynamitedianne said...

Nice duds! She'll fit right in here in Calgary :)

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