Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Another year older...

Where does the time go? 28, interesting. Not quite at 30, thank you very much. Heheh. Still safe for a bit longer. So Ken woke up early to make me breakfast in bed but I told him I rather sleep in. LOL. Is this what it has come to? Opting for sleep instead of a romantic gesture. Lets hope not. Naw, I took a rain check, I wanted the extra zzzz's.

I finally rolled out of bed and enjoyed the quiet house until Ariel got up. We played downstairs, ate our breakfast and lounged in our pjs. Ariel is now trying strips of toast after she has her cereal. Its pretty mess still, especially since I add some banana to it. She prefers me to feed her bits rather than hold it herself. Talk about a princess!

We got dressed and Daddy called. It was then I saw he had left me a little treat by my bed. Man I felt stupid for missing that this morning. I got a cute card with this week's inside joke and a funny children's book I had seen at the store and a movie. I had already gotten my main gift of the Ariel pictures framed and the new Joan of Arcadia season 2 set earlier, so all in all, I was pretty spoiled.

Stella picked us up, and then Nana. We were going to a tea house up in Surrey. I had been there last year, not sure if it was a birthday trip or not. Bad memory, sheesh. It was fun to have Ariel there, instead of inside me kicking. She did really well and was busy talking to everyone who would listen. Stella let her try the cream for the scones and squish her fingers in the icing of a cupcake! Lucky girl.

During tea, I noticed something rather special about my plate. In this place, they used random china dishes, so everyone had a different pattern. While chatting with Stella and eating a yummy finger sandwich, I noticed the pattern on my plate and had to smile. It was my mom's china pattern from her special tea set, the one I now have at home. Talk about a moment, Mom had made it to my birthday in her own special way. Sometimes its things like this, that remind you there is a bigger force behind the world. Hehe.

After tea, we came home to drop Nana off. After a quick discussion, Stella and I decided to run into the fabric store today instead of tomorrow. I was after some material to make Ariel's birthday dress for August. We found a cute pattern for a pretty, party dress that I could doll up real fancy. Finding the right material took longer. After several thoughts and a point of giving up, we found it. A lovely pink and a stunning green for a sash. We even got a matching green toole for the crinoline underneath. I found some pretty trim for the edge of the skirt. Its gonna be soooooooooo pretty. Goes perfectly with the theme colors for the party. Yes, her dress is tied in, this is me your talking to. Hahah. Artist at work.

We came home, Ariel had a nap until Daddy Ken got home. He had brought me some white and red roses. Very pretty. We then went to the Boot for dinner. I had an awesome platter with a black bean and cheese burrito and bbq chicken while Ken had ribs. Ariel was taken with the hockey game for awhile, and was flirting with the guys at the next table. They were all gaga over her too, trying to make her smile.

Came home, showed Ken my birthday goodies from people: cookies and homemade blackberry jam from Fran, candle and napkins from Stella, skirt from Nana and a photo book from Mrs Champion with pictures of me and the other neighbour kids from my old street. Cool.

And so ends my birthday for 2007. It was simple and nice. I had a lovely day with wonderful people, doesn't get much better than that.


Kim said...

Awww, that story about the plate in the tea house being the same pattern as your mom's china is wonderful! God truly works in wonderful, mysterious ways!

Katrina said...

Hey, happy birthday! Ariel's birthday dress is going to be so pretty.

SarahRachel said...

It sounds like such a lovely birthday! I think that's amazing about your mom's china. My mom is constantly coming across things like that regarding her mom...I really do think God comforts us in the ways He knows we need it- His expressions of love to us.

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