Monday, May 14, 2007

9 Months

What a beautiful day it was to celebrate Ariel's big 9 month birthday! We joined Erin and Carter on a walk around the town and then a fun play at the park! Carter and Ariel were having a blast on the swings and slide. Its amazing to see how their personalities are coming out and all the cool things they do now. Ariel's new tricks this month include waving bye bye and giving kisses. Too cute!

The walk was fantastic and I got to wear my uber cute new sunglasses! I finally found a pair I like after 2 years of looking every summer... can you say picky? I sat this time and tried hundreds of pairs on till I found the right ones. Ariel wasn't impressed at the time, but seemed pleased when mommy was happy. Plus they were on sale, score!

Anyhoo, we came home for lunch and Ariel was asleep for nap even before her head hit the bed. Wow. I was actually kinda shocked and checked on her a few times to make sure she was in fact sleeping and not just laying there quiet.

Now what your really waiting for, some of the cute pics of the kids.

The exciting news is that she is finally getting a bottom tooth in the front. Whee. She has a nasty red bump there at the moment and so its on its way. I realized that her other top 'fang' is coming soon too. Good grief, she is gonna look like a jack 'o lantern.

During her mega nap, I got some work done and even had some time to spare for some stitching. So that was awesome! It really relaxes me, and I could use that these days. Especially since tomorrow is pretty crazy with the tea! Speaking of which, I need to finish up some stuff, so bye bye for now!


Dynamitedianne said...

egads! I'm late! Happy belated mother's day Janet, sounds like you had a great one :) I'm loking forward to seeing that video too, if it all works out.

Loving the continous pictures. Ariel's such a little charmer :)

Dynamitedianne said...

Oh! And I am watching diligently for the mail-fairy... will keep you posted (whee! thanks!)

Jeremy & Erin said...
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Jeremy & Erin said...

Hey Janet, we had a great time today, so thanks for giving us a call! Those pictures turned out adorable, I love the bubble picture...too funny. Hopefully, we'll see you guys again soon.

Tyler and Leah Kovacs said...

Great pictures! I love the bubble one too.

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