Thursday, May 03, 2007

C is for cookie

Today was a totally amazing sunny day! It was such a delight after a few rainy days that we had here. So nice to walk around the town and makes one feel so much more energized.

Yesterday was the birthday aftermath. Mellow and calm. Ariel and I hung out and had numerous visitors. First came Nana in the morning. Followed by Brenda and her son Brian in the afternoon. We are putting together a quick video announcement for church to promote Kids Club. Whee. She also brought over a big bag of toys her kids wanted to pass down to Ariel. Awe. There were 2 cool peg board puzzles, some fridge magnetic letters, wooden blocks, some dress up clothes and a talking Dora doll. Brenda demonstrated how the doll worked by putting the different toys in her hand, thus making her talk and sing. Ariel watched intently on the doll, then wide eyed looked at me... they WAILED. She was scared of it. Too funny! She seem to get over it rather fast when she went looking in the bag for it later. Hehe. When they left, Ariel was sad and cried, only to be happy with the arrival of Stella. Yay. However, when she had to leave, Ariel was totally deviated. Thus leading to a long nap for us both.

Today we met up with Erin and Carter for a walk. We decided to meet at the quilt shop, since Stella was working today. While there I found a cute little leaf banner/runner kit. I figured I should have it done by next fall right? Speaking of quilts, mine is finally getting done! Since it was too big for me to do on my machine, I sent it away to be pro quilted. Whee. It will be keeping us warm (finally) this winter. Its only been hanging in my closet for 2 years. Sheesh.

Erin and I had lunch at the cafe and the kids ate baby mum mum cookies. Ariel LOVED them. We then had to go buy a box. She is our little cookie monster I guess. At least the ones I got are made from veggies than the plain rice ones. Today also marked Ariel's first time wearing a hair clip and it staying in! Her bangs are getting long, so we clipped them back and boy did she look cute!

Well, its time to prepare for Daddy coming home, so please enjoy the clip of Ariel and her cookie. Oh, cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C!


SarahRachel said...

You seem to always have such busy and full days! Ariel was VERY focused on her cookie! =)

Tyler and Leah Kovacs said...

I came across your blog through the Bryant's - some cute pictures of your little one! We have a three month old and still learning as we go - God bless,

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