Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sunny days are here again

Its starting to feel like summer. Hence my lack of blogging, hehe. Actually, I have been knee deep in projects and Ariel isn't always the easiest person to convince that mommy needs to work. Blah. The mothers day video I am making for church is pretty much done. Funny how things go from bad to good in a matter of hours. I worked on it sunday, until the whole scanner incident went down. Monday I went to quilting, somewhat stressed about the lacking of pictures and was suddenly getting them left and right! I had several people come and drop them off in the evening and I started having some faith in this coming together again! Yay! Then tuesday I woke up at 4am with it on my mind and walked around the house thinking. I came back to the desk at 7am, and by 9am the rough cut was complete! I joke with people that I know the video is done when it makes me get all teary.... its done. Hee. I hope they enjoy it.

Ariel managed to cause some trouble the other night. She crawled behind the couch and was giggling away. Since I was on the phone, I assumed she had found a toy or something. Yeah, it was something.... the wipes! She managed to pull a good handful of them out and was throwing them in the air. It was pretty funny but of course it was, 'Ariel... no!' Try to say with a straight face with a goofy baby grinning back at you.

Today we walked down to Nana's for lunch and a quick visit with some passing through friends. By the time we got home, the princess had crashed and slept for a few hours. I took the opportunity to rest, clean and work. I finished the new table numbers for the ladies tea next week, but still have a few more things on my to-do list. I can't believe we are almost at 200 ladies!!!! The past few years we have gotten maybe 70-80 on average. Its a little overwhelming, and with mothers day the few days before, it makes for a crazy time. Add in a meeting I have tomorrow for a new project coming up, I look forward to only having one major thing for awhile... never lasts too long though.

When Ariel got up today, we waited for daddy to come home on the deck. I took the time to do some shots of the girly. These are some of my favs!


Jeremy & Erin said...

Those are beautiful shots! You are such a great photographer.

Dynamitedianne said...

awe, I'm sad that I can't come to the ladies tea with you this year! Have fun with it!

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