Thursday, May 17, 2007

And we'll have fun fun fun, until daddy takes the volvo away!

Hehe. Girls on the move! Another awesome day and the long weekend is approaching, can it get any better? Sure! The crazy gals went for a mall adventure. Whee! But first, an update on the past few days since my last entry.

Tuesday marked T-day, otherwise known as the Ladies Tea. We left the house at 930am to go help set up the church for the 211 ladies. Our theme was 'When life hands you lemons.' Lots of yellow, green and of course lemons! It was so pretty and smelled so fresh! Check out before and after... amazing! It was just so much fun. (click for larger view)

Ken came home from work and picked Ariel up so that I could relax and enjoy the night. They had some fun daddy and daughter time. However, when I got home, we had a few rough hours as Ariel was in serious teething pain. Poor baby girl!

The morning brought a happy face again, plus 2 white spots, one on her bottom front teeth and another lat. incisor on top. Yes, she really is a jack o' lantern now. Haha.

Since it was such a warm day on Wednesday, we decided it was a good time to scrub the deck. We had such a wet winter that there was lots of green icky stuff. We filled up the bucket and Ariel helped... well sort of. She enjoyed the suds and crawling through them whenever I dumped a rinse of water.

Half way through Ariel had enough and went down for a nap in her uber cute 'Wendy' bed dress we got at the Disney store in Michigan. I love this picture, its like she is waiting for Peter Pan. Hee.

I finished the deck and cleaned out my garden pots of the weeds and dead things. I sadly then cut up my very dead topiary tree that did not survive the winter. So bummed about that. I hope to find something equally cute at Home Depot sometime soon.

When Ariel got up we played for awhile and since daddy was going to be out working really late, we decided to eat earlier than usual. After a yummy dinner, we set up Ariel's cute mini deck pool I found at the dollar store. It was just perfect for her! I had gotten some cheap scoops and things as well, and she had a ball. Of course we had to wear the bikini!

We get the evening sun on the deck, so it was really nice to sit out with a cool drink. I was having a nasty headache, so to have Ariel happy was a great help. I couldn't help but think back to how much I was waiting for her arrival last summer and now she is here! These are the moments to enjoy, because it goes so fast.

Today, we headed to the mall in search of some summer clothes for mommy. Last summer I was huge and pregnant, this created a lack of cool non-maternity items in my closet. So I got some really cute things at Old Navy on sale, gotta love that. We also got Ken a Father's Day gift and a few treats for Ariel.... like that wouldn't have happened! We had a great time overall, and got a good walk.

We met up with Nana and Papa at Timmy's for lunch, as they were in Richmond for a Dr. appointment. Ariel was very pleased to see them but was showing signs of being ready for a nap. She fell asleep in the car on the way home and slept almost till 5pm! Thus giving me a wonderful rest and preparing me for a very busy girl until its her bedtime. Wish me luck!

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kelly said...

Cute pictures of Ariel - love the first one!
ooh, the ladies tea...good memories. i miss cedar park :(
cute bikini! Glad the teeth are coming through and she's happy again!

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