Saturday, April 14, 2007

8 Months old and a party to boot!

Today our princess turned 8 months old! Also, she was the guest of honor at the party thrown at Grammy's house with some of her family members, including her other great grandma. It was very special to celebrate her big day with so many people, especially ones she won't see often. Ken took lots of video and I can't wait till she is old enough to look back on it and ask questions.

The party was the main event today. We slept in more this morning, trying to rest her up as much as possible. After a lazy morning, she got all dolled up in her new dress and sweater. She knew how good she looked and smiled at very camera she saw. Hah.

Grammy got lots of wonderful food for the party, fruit and veggie trays, honey baked ham, blueberry pie, carrot cake, spinich salad, potato salad and chips and dip. The trays she ordered from this local shop were so fancy and pretty I took pictures of them.

Ariel handed herself pretty well under the circumstances. She got a little stressed at one point so Ken took her for a drive to mellow out. She slept for 45 minutes and awoke much fresher and was smiling again. A few people had her acting shy and she would cling to me, Ken or Grammy tightly.

We also got to take a 4 generation picture with Ken's mom, Yaya (grandma), Ken and Ariel. What a special keepsake that will be for Ariel. We also got to meet some of Grammy's friends from work/school. It was neat to put faces to names I have heard about for the past few years. Such lovely people all of them.

Ken's youngest cousins were there, and boy have they grown since we have seen them last. I do believe that Ryan is offically taller than Ken now, and Trevor is just as silly, maybe more so.

Ariel also got some more gifts from different members of the family. Lots of new books, some stuffed toys (one that plays music and sings) and another Grosse Pointe bib (a must have!). She loved the one that played music. It was so good, that the dog would walk by and she won't bat an eye. Wow. After days of the dog being the top toy, to have something take its place is quite something.

Tomorrow we are planning on a low morning for Ariel to regroup and then maybe off to play in town in the afternoon once Grammy drops Yaya off at the airport. Its strange to think we are pretty much half way through our vacation, its been so much fun.

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