Thursday, April 26, 2007

Adventures in facebook...

Man, I spent way to much time on that thing. But, in defense, it is my 10 year reunion this year!!! '10 years man!' Its been neat to see what people have been doing since we escaped high school. Last night for fun we watched 'Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion'. When I first saw that movie, I wondered what my 10 year would be like. Then you start looking at yourself, and what you have done. Part of me wonders if I have lived life to the fullest. I hope I have. Its funny to see people's main comment be, your a mom?! I guess I am. I use to say old people had kids, now I am one of them. Ack!

Ariel has been sleeping better the past few nights. We asked for prayer in our life group (bible study) this week, and its working. She is still sore, but at least we are getting more rest. Poor girly, I wish I could take the pain away. I did give her a toast strip this morning to chew on. She liked that, even though it was a messy blob by the end. Yuck.

Low key morning, saw Nana for coffee. Dropped by the quilt shop to see Stella. Picked up the finished Binkie Blankets that are getting shipped out on Monday. We are going to be having a table at an event this coming June. I will have more info as I get it. So far good reviews on our Binkies. Ariel thinks they are all for her though. She is the tester for quality. Hehe.

Ken is coming home for dinner then off to a high school or something tonight. With the school year coming to an end in a few months, its high recruiting time, so we won't see much of him at times. He is taking time off at Ariel's birthday, as his family is coming up to celebrate too. Yay. Looking forward to that. I started brain storming the party, and we have a theme, yay. Stay tuned.

Talked to my brother Mike online. He is in Germany at the moment for work. Sounds like its interesting to say the least. I asked if he remembers any of the German we learned in school. Hehe. He can order 2 beers, so he will live. Hah. Its neat to hear of the things we learned about were very true. If you want to read his adventures, check out Year Zero on my blog list.

Well, I am going to grab some food... the princess sleeps for now....but for how long is always the question.

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