Monday, April 02, 2007

Guess what came in the mail today...

A quacking, yellow block from Aunty Trudy! It was so funny, I opened the package and squeezed it, thus the duck quacked. Ariel's head whipped around and a look of shock and amazement grew on her face. Once giving it to her, she grabbed it, held it up as if to say 'ITS BACK!' Most of our afternoon was spend with this block. Ariel is now napping after such a big moment in her young life. A big thank you again to Trudy and her kids for outgrowing this block. Ariel loves it sooooo much and once again I have cut our future therapy bills. Note to self, don't step on this one.

This morning was to be baby day with Ariel's 2 boyfriends. Sadly, little Issac got his first cold and was sick today and couldn't make it. Poop. Ariel and Carter still managed to have a ball... well when he wasn't freaking out at Ariel coming at him. She is a little flirt. Poor Carter would cry if she got too close or pushy. I don't blame him, she is pretty strong willed... cough... not sure were she gets that from. Anyways, between the cries, the kids had fun, as did the numerous adults that came through. We even managed to get a few cute pictures of them together. She kinda looks bigger than him in this picture, but they are pretty even on the height department. Weight, he is still more than her. I got to hold him briefly, before the cries started, and noted he was much heavier. Crazy.

Last night we had dinner at Dad and Rita's for his birthday. Some of my Aunts, Uncles and cousins were there, so it was fun to chat and catch up. Ariel got to ride the big wooden rocking horse with help from Grandpa. My Aunt, who is originally from Israel, was delighted with Ariel's name, because of course its Hebrew. She and my cousins were telling me that there is even a city in Jerusalem that is named Ariel. Very cool. Dinner was good and during dessert Mike and Jo stopped in after the Easter dinner at her parents place.

Ariel did pretty good for such a busy weekend, but its pretty evident how she is going to be during our trip. She is starting to be easily overwhelmed with large groups of people. She doesn't cry so much, but gets whiny and clingy. This week I am trying to keep her as low key as possible, not that its that easy to do with all the preparation left looming. This trip has really approached fast. Wow.

Our faithful house sitter is going to be holding down the ranch and lucky readers, I will have access to internet from our hotel, so expect fun updates and pictures. The countdown has begun, one week. Ack! In closing, here is Ariel in the dress she wore sunday to church. This was a dress I wore that I believe my mom made. How cute is that. Awe.

Also, I have become addicted to Facebook. Gack. Come find me on there if you wish. Tis a happy place.


Dynamitedianne said...

Ariel's dress (last pic) is adorable. I loooove that this is a dress from your babyhood.

I still have my favourite easter dress from when I was about 8. My mom used to sew a lot for us when we were little, but I'm not sure if my mom ever kept anything.

SarahRachel said...

That is so cool that you wore that dress when you were little, too! It's beautiful! I love the pic of her holding her duck block in victory! Good thing someone else had one. I'm so jealous you get to do baby dates! All my friend are either pregnant or don't have kids so we don't have too many kids his age around! Oh, I'm on Facebook! I'm on the Radford University network under Sarah Rachel (Blecksmith) Janney

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