Monday, April 23, 2007

I knew this was gonna happen!

Guess what the mail man brought today? Stupid passport.... good grief. I wrote on the form our trip was for April 9th, and whats today? 23rd... so a little off. Sigh. I was surprised, as I was guessing she would get it around her first birthday. Just a recap, I applied when when was 3 months... she is 8 months now... do the math. If you need a passport soon, I say you better get in line. Ariel really likes her passport and the fact her picture is inside. What a ham.

We had a fun weekend with Daddy home. We get a few more Saturdays with him before his classes start up again. This Saturday we are having our garage sale! Woot. No more piles of crap in my storage room!!! Happy Dance! If anyone wants to see our treasures for sale, its happening at my Nana and Papa's place, since they are on a good road for traffic. We are pricing to clear, so you may find a good deal!

Ken taught his first films and faith adult Sunday school class at church yesterday. Went really well and a good turn out as well. Always nice when you work hard to prepare for something. I got to see most of it, when Ariel wasn't fussy. These dang teeth are going to be a rough go. I went to the store and got everything you can think of, plus we have the oodies of teethers from Grammy and all the home remedies from helpful friends. She woke up this morning happy, which was nice. Past few days its been a rough go in the morning. I managed to get a look at the tooth and more of it has come out, only a bit is left under the skin. It may not be the fang like we thought at first. I think its lateral incisor, but I still could be wrong. Until its all out, we will not know for sure. Either way, its sharp, but thankfully I haven't been getting bit during nursing.

Ariel had a nice LONG nap today, which in turn I took one too. My body is really feeling the time change from our trip now. Ugh. The living room is looking better everyday. I am hoping by Thursday it will be back to normal... that would have given me a week since we came home to clean it. Thats my goal. I have a before pic, and I need a good after pic. Thats my motivation. Hah.

Other than the mess, Ariel and I had a fun day together. We are enjoying the sun and playing on the deck. I was blowing bubbles for her, always a hit. We took a late walk to do our shopping as we had to wait on the UPS man. Got the videos returned, got some super glue to fix the various things sitting at my sewing table and picked up my new bowls that I had on order at the kitchen shop. Well, I need to give princess her bath, and we are gonna watch dancing with the stars.

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