Thursday, April 19, 2007

Flying home!

This is NOW the official last post from Michigan. We are just having our breakfast while Ariel sleeps. We are getting picked up in an hour to head to the airport. I spent quite a while getting things packed last night and then played on the computer till 1am because I couldn't sleep. I feel good this morning though. Yay.

Ariel I believe has gone and switched back to BC time already. Hah. She slept in again, like yesterday. She is so funny sometimes. I feel back we need to wake her up soon. Oops, no she is awake now. She is being silly bouncing in the crib.

Ok, I guess I need to get her ready now. Wish us well as we fly home. Yay.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Have a safe, hassle-free flight home!! Sounds like decent enough weather in the next couple of days to welcome you home with. Well, if by decent you don't mind clouds for Thursday and some sun for Friday ;-)

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