Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Last day in the mitten

Its hard to believe that today was our last full day in the big mitten of Michigan. Time flies when you are having fun. Ariel however, was not as much fun today. Her mouth was pretty sore from that dang tooth. She was extra sleepy, cranky and clingy. All in all, she was so awesome on this trip, we really can't complain all that much.

We had a sleep in this morning, after getting to bed later than usual because of the long drive back from the party. Ariel slept in, so we took turns grabbing breaky downstairs. We got dressed and the princess had finally woke up so we could get on the road. After swinging by the house to eat the last of our fab Mexican leftovers from our dinner with Steve and Mary, we went off to visit Grammy at her school.

Ariel was dressed in her cute yellow and green spring outfit, cute as a button. We signed in at the office and went to find Grammy's classroom. Turns out it was a bit of a quieter day, with a few of the students either out sick or on vacation. The ones that were there, only one felt comfortable around Ariel. It was so cool to watch Grammy at work. Ken got some neat video of the kids and the exercises they did. Autism is such a mystery and each case is so unique, that its always educational watching them at work. The kids she has this year, most of them are non verbal. One had this cool box that did the talking for him. We watched them do snack, and they would have to ask for the various goodies using either their place mats with the pictures and pointing, or the computer talking for them.

Grammy took us around the school, so she could show Ariel off. Poor kid was pretty shy and kept jumping from Grammy to me and then back to Grammy. Ariel took a real liking to the kids in the classroom and even more so to the box of crayons. Could it be artistic skills emerging? Hehe.

We drove back to the hotel to pick up the birthday gift we got for Jonathan. It was guest appreciation day and they had tables of goodies laid out. I grabbed a cookie and drink to tide me over, but since we were going to Greek town, I didn't want ruin my dinner. Jonathan loved the coke straw dispenser and bright orange freezer mug we got him. He was immediately asking were I bought it and how much it cost so he could figure out the sales tax. Lol. Jonathan is so awesome!

Greek town was sooooooooo cool. We went to a place called Pegasus and got a real treat of entertainment with having the flaming cheese appetiser. Check out that flame! Lots of other people were getting the same dish, so there were flames everywhere. Poor Ariel liked it when the waiter did ours, but when the table behind us got theirs, it was too close and the heat freaked her out and she screamed. Everyone felt bad for her and smiled trying to cheer her up. She soon forgot about it and moved on to grabbing at our dinner. Hehe.

We came back to the house to pick up the remaining items we had there. Grammy bought Ariel some teethers for the trip home tomorrow. Hope they help. I am a little worried about how she is going to do this time around. Ack. Ken and Dan are watching weird cartoons while I got things sorted. I have now just finished packing, and we needed a spare suitcase, which was no surprise. Ariel has her loot bag, hehe. I am hoping the weight isn't going to be over, that would really stink.

So I guess this is my last post until we are back at home.... see you all soon!

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