Sunday, April 15, 2007

We went shopping... hehe!

Its official, we need another suitcase for Ariel's loot! After a mellow morning of hanging out with Jonathan while Grammy was taking Yaya to the airport, we went to Lakeside Mall. The big stop was the Disney store, which then was followed with several other baby clothing stops. There were some fantastic deals!

Grammy got Ariel 2 outfits by Ralph Lauren! They were little sun suits, perfect for those upcoming trips to the beach. I can see it now, eating fish and chips as she plays in the sand. Awe! She wore the lace one after we got home since we had some friends coming by, and oh she was too cute!!! As you can see in the picture above.

Below are some of our treasures from today!

Dinner was all the yummy leftovers from the party the other night. Afterwards, Steve and Mary came over. Ken is going to the school where Steve teaches tomorrow, to be a guest artist. Then they will be taking us both out to dinner. Yay. Grammy is willing to babysit, so its even better! Whee.

While the visitors were at the house, Uncle Dan entertained Ariel with bubbles! She was quite taken by them and we picked up some batteries for the Stitch bubble blower for tomorrow night. Hee. That will be really cute.

Dan brought us back to the hotel, picking up our evening tacos and then stopping in search of my quest for Colbert ice cream. It has outsmarted me again!!! We looked up a store that carried it, but when we were there, it was all sold out! So, I may be calling around while Ken is out, and when Dan picks me up at 2pm, we will go on a ice cream hunt. Its stupid I know, but its my grail! (Those who get that quote, you rock!)

Ariel and I will be enjoying the pool tomorrow morning, should be fun and relaxing. We are gonna miss Daddy, but his one day of talking has paid for one airline ticket, so its worth it. Besides, I think a morning alone is nice after all the craziness, especially when the final days are pretty busy. Well, thats all for tonight, catch ya tomorrow!

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Kim said...

Awww, Ariel looks so cute - especially in the bubble picture! It's great that you are able to share this special time with friends and family!

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