Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Germany in Michigan... who knew?

Greetings from Frankenmuth…. Well, I am technically writing this from my room at the hotel, but once again we are having internet issues. Blah. So, I will be uploading this when we get back to our hotel later tomorrow….hopefully.

Ariel had a great sleep in the hotel. She woke up briefly once but after a quick snuggle was back to sleep. We all got up around 830 so we could take part in the hotel’s free morning breaky. We got all packed up and checked out around 11ish. We then hit the post office to mail the binkie blanket, then went to a bank to exchange some Canadian money and get some papers signed for Ken in regards to his old bonds he is trying to access to. They signed the papers but wouldn’t exchange the currency. So Ken’s mom said there was another bank that would. When we did go, they wouldn’t do it for anyone who didn’t have an account at the bank. Good grief. Ken’s mom had to go in and do it for us, sheesh. No one wants our Canadian funny money… which is way prettier. Hah.

We left for Frankenmuth around 3pm once Dan got home from his class. The weather was kinda crappy, kinda a mix of rain and ice. We stopped at Arbys drive-thru for a snack. Some of us had straight fries and some of us had the curly fries (which by the standard if they aren’t straight must be gay right?) Yes, lame joke…. But what about a curly one in a bunch of straight ones? I shall leave that up to you. Frankenmuth is uber cool. We drove by the Christmas shop that we will visit tomorrow, its like a Costco. Imagine…. A christmas Costco….. dang airplane weight limits. Haha. The hotel is cute with all its little pointy roofs and traditional décor. All the rooms are named after German families, and they have the history of that family hanging with pictures in the rooms.

Once we got settled, we all went down to the pool for Ariel’s first swim!!! She was so cute in her little bathing suit. Hee. She loved it and was smiling and tried to push away from us like it was she knew what she was doing. I didn’t think she last so long, but she played for almost an hour without tiring. We had to keep passing her around like a hot potato. When everyone had called it quits, we went to change for dinner.

We went to the inn for dinner and all had the Family traditional chicken dinner. Oh man! It was soooooo good. We started with chicken soup and an assortment of salads (a navy bean, pasta, cranberry relish and coleslaw). Then came the chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, noodles and stuffing. If that wasn’t enough to fill you, then was a homemade ice cream in either vanilla or orange swirl. Oh, did I mention all the servers are in traditional outfits! Imagine men in the lederhosen taking your order. It was defiantly something you would remember.

We went to look at the gift shops under the restaurant, but since most were closed, we will go back tomorrow. Getting back to our room, Ariel was asleep, and we took the chance to let her sleep in the room with Grammy while we went for some games and a drink. We played in the fun room which was filled with games like at an arcade were you get tickets. I was awesome at the one were you punch duckies to tip them over. We collected enough tickets to win Ariel some cute, toy flowers. After that we joined Dan in the lamest lounge ever, with good ol’ Marko singing (very badly). I forget that in the states all the places like that allow smoking. Kinda makes me love our smoking restrictions in Canada even more. Anyways, I got a drink in a huge coconut monkey. Its so awesome! It made listening to the terrible singer somewhat watchable…somewhat. Ok, not. Came back up and we are watching Daily show and Colbert Report. Ariel is still sleeping, as now I see Ken is as well. So I guess I shall call it quits for tonight…. Maybe after a piece of left over chicken.

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