Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ariel's Michigan Souvenir

Oh it was a day of days here. So much going on as we slowly conclude our Michigan adventure. This morning we made the drive out to Ann Arbor, on route to see Jeff, Marie and the twins. They were gonna be at the doctors for their 6 month appointment and were arriving back at noon. So we stopped for lunch at Pizza Hut. Yum.

We found their place, it was our first time actually seeing the house, very cute. They are preparing for a huge reno in the next few weeks. Will be neat to see it next time we come through. Kasia (the one with the tiny birthmark on her cheek) and Moira were both sweethearts! I couldn't believe how big they had gotten, since we haven't seen to many pics lately. They are about 17lb each, which isn't that far off from what Ariel weighs. She kinda looks tiny beside them. We had a lovely visit and the girls seem to enjoy themselves. Hope this is the start of life long friendships for them.

Afterwards, we drove to U of M to pick up Ariel a shirt. Its very important, since Daddy is a proud Alumni! We found a blue tshirt with the yellow Michigan written on the chest, and a super cute pink sweatshirt with the Michigan written in blue. Very sweet. We also saw a line down several blocks for a free cone at Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

Speaking of which, the quest is over!!! Ken's mom found the ice cream this morning, the last one in fact! She sent us a text message, and what an exciting victory it was. I will be bringing home the grail. Whee.

We started driving out following the map quest directions to Cheech and Sherrie's house. Somewhere along the way, we missed a turn (thanks to bad signage) and got a bit lost. We called, got back going the right way but when we were not too far away, they still sent out a search car. Probably not needed but oh well. We aren't super fast drivers, so maybe it seemed longer to them. Ariel got a nice long nap in the car, which was great. Dinner was lovely, and the kids (Brett, Megan and Trent) had a great time playing with Ariel and Aeron. She loves kids so much, that having 3 hanging around her had the princess grinning from ear to ear.

When Ariel started showing signs of getting cranky, we left to take the long drive home. It was a rough ride to say the least. Poor Ariel started crying, and didn't stop. We had to pull over at a restaurant so I could try and nurse her and calm her down etc. She didn't really get any better and I was perplexed, until I put my finger in her mouth.... WE HAVE A TOP TOOTH!!! Its not her front tooth either, actually, its kinda hard to see which one it is at this point. Either way, its a tooth, and its very exciting. YAY. Quite a souvenir!

So we got home, Ariel is finally sleeping, Ken is sleeping and I am eating my ice cream. Yum. Hey Canada, Jay is bringing home Stephen Colbert! Whoot!

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