Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday

Had a good day in general. It was really nice out, church was lovely, Kara danced - whee! Ariel was watching her ever so closely during her practice run. Too cute. The church is starting to really look finished. The carpet was in and there weren't many visuals that rang out as unfinished. The open house is fast approching, so its gonna be great for sure. I hope someone takes pics for us while we are gone. Other news, Happy Birthday Dan! (My youngest brother in law)

We didn't do much today, just hung out with Ariel, did some projects that needed to be finished before we leave and Ken did some sketches of our birthday gift for Ariel (yes its early, but with our schedules we need all the time we can get). Tomorrow is cleaning day, making things less messy for Natalie. Sunday is Easter, busy day, then we are gone the following day. Yikes.

Here are some cute pics we took this morning of the princess.

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