Saturday, April 28, 2007

If it costs 25 cents to make you smile...

Hehe, anyone know where that quote is from? Its our favorite garage sale quote. Yes, today was our big day, and I am proud to say it went pretty darn good. From the good weather, to good sales, it was an overall success. We made just under $200, which is amazing considering the stuff we had. The concept of garage sales always amaze me. You put out your junk, and other people come and GIVE YOU MONEY FOR IT. Crazy.

We got up early and were out at the house by 6am to set up. We had fantastic weather, so warm and sunny. I was a little distracted by things to realize how sunny, and I must say I am looking a little like a lobster. Blah. Ariel hung out inside with Nana and Papa, came out to people watch briefly and even got a walk with Aunty Stella (who we are now calling La La).

Its always the strange things that sell... never the things you think will. I had one funny lady who I followed around with a bag and she spent about $30 on little knick knacks. She brought everything from our popcorn maker to dish clothes. We had one or two 'dealers' that I am sure though my jewellery was worth more than the dollar I charged them, but sadly they will be mistaken. Heheh, cheap Avon stuff. Sure, they might turn around and sell it for more, but all I wanted was more space cleared out in our home.

Tonight we celebrated with ordering some Chinese food. Twas very good after a long day of working. Last night we finally got to see 'The Queen'. I really liked it and I think it opened up a lot of things about the royals I never thought of before. Very moving at times and the actress really did deserve the Oscar.

Tomorrow is church, and Ken teaching Sunday school. I don't think we have much planned other than that. A nice lazy family day. Dah.


Anonymous said...

my mom has a special name now does she? La la? Cute! does that mean Ariel is sort of associating people with sounds/words now?
Way to go on the garage sale!
love Kara

Jay said...

Ariel is basically saying dada, mama, nana. Your mom came up with being Lala, which is really cute, so we are working with it. She is a pretty smart girl, so I think she is gonna catch on pretty quick.

Today she made her sippy cup fall and she said, uhoh. LOL it was too funny!

Brenda said...

Hee hee...I LOVE garage sales! I'm probably the one that all the sellers are laughing at. "I can't believe she bought THAT, snicker, snicker." :)

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