Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New toes, new business!

Twas a fun day with Nana, Stella and Kara, as we all got pedicures, whee. All pretty for Easter. We had Nav come over and it was nice to chat, eat and get pretty. Kara and I even braved 'threading', she her brows and me my upper lip (thanks harry genes). No laughing, we all have fuzz! I can honestly say that it was very cool and the final product is amazing. So smooth, but it did hurt a bit. Only once did I let a yelp out. It made my eyes water, but I figured if I had a baby, I needed to suck it up. Haha.

Ariel had a good time playing with the water in the soaking tub. She was totally wanting to be in on the action, and even soaked her feet. The girl is too cute. Here are some pics!

Other news, Stella and I are going into the Binkie Blanket business! Basically, they are a 20x21 blanket that baby can take anywhere. They are light enough to play peek a boo with, and a nice size for the light covering in car seats and strollers. One side is fleece, the other cotton.

The main feature of this blanket is, its a fun blanket for games as the child grows. The main side is an eye spy game! We have hundreds of different, fun materials to make these for kids. We have the neutral fabrics, a bit of everything, right down to a boys or girls only version. See the images below to see an example of a neutral one, and samples of other fabrics available. As babies grow, you can use it on car or airplane trips for easy games. Pointing to objects like a story book, eye spy, name the color etc.

These blankets are quilted and are going to be TOTALLY original each time round. No two blankets are the same. Ariel loves hers and is our spokes baby, lol. We are selling them for $20 each, so if you are interested, leave a comment!

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