Friday, April 13, 2007

We are back online!

You may notice that there are 3 new posts tonight, but technically I typed them out the past few nights, but finally am able to upload them. Huzzah! Ken, Dan and Brandon went to see that Aqua Teen movie tonight, but since Ariel was ready to crash, as was I, we opted to come back to the hotel to blog and watch the Food Network. Anyhoo, it was nice to see the sun today, but I saw that pesky snowflake symbol coming up on the sunday. Guess we will see. The wind was a bit cold, but compared to the past few days, it was pure heaven.

It was a lazy day of hanging around the house and the odd shopping trip. We went to see Dan working at the grocery store this morning. Tried to find my Stephen Colbert ice cream, but failed so far. Blah. Did find a few cute books for Ariel and an elmo bowl and plate set.

We dropped Grammy and Jonathan off at the house and went for a drive to get our much needed internet cord. We also picked up a gift for Natalie for taking care of our place, and I found the cutest BBQ stuffed toys for Ariel on clearance. TOO CUTE!

Dinner was Grammy's homemade chili, yum. Ariel was given her Daddy's old silver baby spoon to have. Very special indeed. She showed her thanks by banging it on the table. Haha. Her appetite has also increased, she is polishing off a jar and a half of food at lunch and dinner. I guess its all this crawling she is doing.

Ken's friend Brandon came for a visit after dinner. It was nice to see him again, and he and Ken always have deep discussions that can go on for hours. He decided to join Ken and Dan on the movie and that leads me to now... alone. Sniff. Kidding. I needed a break, time to relax, but I hear the princess waking up, so I shall leave you for tonight. Tomorrow is the big family party! Yay!

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