Friday, April 20, 2007

I love my bed!

That was my first thought waking up this morning. Its so good to be home and everything that comes with it. Our trip was fantastic, but living out of a suitcase can be hard on anyone. Not having a regular routine is difficult too. I had no clue what day it was today. Strange. Still, I was rather sad leaving my other family to return here. I feel so guilty at times that we are so far away. I wish we had one of those teleporter things like on Star Trek, that make things easier. Someone get on that ok?

Today was filled with odd jobs and relaxing in the warm sun... and snow. What? Did she say snow? Well, yes and no. When Ken and I headed out for coffee this morning, I saw this huge pile of snow by the post office. Of course we had to investigate. Turns out they were filming a movie the past few days about sled dogs or something. It looked like winter again, and I so wish I had my camera to capture it. Blah.

Other than our wonderful walk in the sunshine, we visited Pastor Dave and Irene at the church. I got to see my painting mural thing up on the wall. Sooooo cool! I am really pleased with how it came out. I will get a pic this sunday. We also did several loads of laundry... there is still more to do. Ugh.

Our trip home was really good. Especially with a teething baby. We lucked out by getting the middle seat in our row, thus giving us extra room for the princess. She once again slept for pretty much half of the flight! YES! Ken then grabbed some much needed sleep and I watched Spamalot. I heart David Hyde Pierce! We got in early to the airport so we had about 2 hours before the bus was due to arrive. We found a coffee shop and had a snack and Ariel got to burn some energy playing. We got the front seat, which was FANTASTIC! Ariel could see so much better and it really made a difference this time. She was totally loving the scenery.

Funny bit about our bus driver, when we borrowed his pen for our customs card, it was an MCC pen. (All my Mennonite friends are gonna get that). Anyhoo, turns out he was a Christian and we got to chat about our churches and family life. His wife is going to school at the moment, they have a young son a bit older than Ariel and they attend a Abbotsford church. Twas fun to meet someone so nice and it made the ride go that much faster.

The Canadian boarder is so much easier than the American side. Enough said.

When we were on the highway, I spotted a car that looked like Stella's vehicle. Upon mentioning that to our new bus driving friend, he sped up enough for us to pass the car, and sure enough, there was Nana and Stella on route to pick us up. Heh. We waved and they saw us and probably thought it was pretty funny. They followed the bus which worked out perfectly since we had no clue where we were to be dropped at the airport. We got home and had a quick chat before they left us. Realizing we had no food, we ordered a pizza, had a bath and watched ER. My whole body felt like it was still on the bus. It was a weird sensation. At 11pm, thinking I could stay up for the Daily show, I soon found myself waking up an hour later on the couch. Oops. I crawled to bed and had the best sleep. Wow.

Now, I really should go finish cleaning the bomb that went off in my living room. Argh.

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Anonymous said...

Trust me, Chris and I have been trying to invent a teleporter for years now! I'll let you know when it happens, ok? :) Glad you had a great trip! TTYS

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