Monday, April 16, 2007

Driving Miss Ariel

Well, I am typing this again in notebook because I can't log into blogger for some stupid reason... blah. Actually, seems like everything on the net is being wacky. I can't tell if its just this connection here at the hotel or what... I miss my computer.

Today was a bit different, as Ken was off doing his guest speaking at the college today as a guest artist. I think he likes that title, hee. He left around 10ish, leaving me and the princess alone at the hotel.

At the time he left, We were both having a midmorning nap. I think I was kinda tired and a bit home sick. It seems to occur when we slow things down and I realize that I am missing my normal routine. Princess slept for a couple of hours. When she awoke, Ariel and I decided to make use of the hotel pool. We got in our swimsuits and headed down to the nice pool facilities. You never know how they are gonna look, but this one was really clean and quite pleasing. We played for about a half hour until she was showing signs of getting cold.

We went back to our room and hung out until 2pm, when Dan was coming to pick us up. When he arrived, we went to JoAnn's first (kinda like Michael's crafts but with a nice fabric section). I found the American flag fabric I was looking for the quilt Stella is making Ariel for her birthday. Also found some cute ice cream cone fabric and Veggie Tales too. Hee. Also got some other goodies, and they were great deals. It be nice to have a shop like this near us.

Next we had a late lunch at a Steak n' Shake. Its like a fast food diner style place. Food was pretty good and it was really cute. Dan got Ariel a paper hat to wear, lol. It was so windy that our picture we took outside looked as if they were gonna get blown over... they were kinda close to it actually. On a sad note, it was so windy around here, that a flag pole was blown over at a school and killed a kindergarten kid. How sad is that! I was so crushed when I heard that during the news. Not to mention this whole thing at Virgina Tech. I pray for them all.

After lunch we went to the grocery store in a further search of my ice cream! Once again, we found the tag where it should be... and AGAIN no ice cream. Dang it! So I decided not to waste the trip and picked up some things for Jonathan's birthday gift. I found a bright orange freezie mug that will be from Ariel, and a coke old style straw dispenser (like those ones in the diners). Dan said he was really into coke stuff, so it should be a hit.

We returned back to the house, and Ken's dad had a bag of goodies for Ariel. A barking puppy stuffed toy, Baby Einstein dvd, Sesame Street musical book and a little sweater and hat set. I am glad we have been able to borrow that extra bag from Grammy... I think everything will fit... I am hoping anyways.

Dan pulled out the Stitch bubble machine and got Ariel smiling and screaming at the bubbles. She got so excited, that she started CLAPPING! Yes, we have official clapping hands, its kinda funny looking, but its still clapping in my books. Very special! Watch the video at the end to get a sneak peak.

At 730pm, Ken got back with Steve and Mary. We were going out to dinner and leaving Ariel behind with Grammy. It was nice to have a meal without a baby to worry about, I almost forgot what it was like. Had a fun time, they are such neat people. They took us on a drive through the areas of downtown Detroit that have been getting fixed up. We saw the Tiger's stadium all lit up for the night baseball game, pretty cool looking.

Got back after 9ish, and Ariel had a wonderful time with Grammy watching Dancing with the Stars. Heh. But she was quickly fading, and was ready for bed. We drove back to the hotel with one of the extra cars since we are off to Ann Arbor tomorrow to see Jeff, Marie and the twins, followed by a party in the evening. Its strange to think that after tomorrow, we only have one full day left. This trip has been great, but its hard to believe its almost over, but it won't be long until they are out to see us in the summer. Yay.

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