Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mitten Memories

Back again to Grosse Pointe! Still having our internet issues, so again I am typing this and will need to upload it once we get our cable to hook up the computer. Apparently, the hotel only has one to share…. Um right…. We are going to buy our own tomorrow because me needs my internet (and my family needs to hear from me).

Had another fun filled day in Frankenmuth starting with breakfast at Oma’s restaurant… more lederhosen. Hehehe. Yummy. We checked out and went off exploring the local shops. Ariel was so happy and enjoying all the shopping and attention she was getting at every turn. Grammy bought her a cute baby doll at the toy shop. I bought a buttercream smelling candle, ooh, at this place called the Yankee Candle Company that Jonathan is obsessed with. Lovely candles.

We checked out the cheese shop were Ken’s new jeans set off the door alarm. Apparently those tags in clothes from places like the Gap are really bad at setting things off. We had to pull it out and cut it off in the store. We were all laughing, good thing it wasn’t me because I would have been beet red, Ken is tougher than me. Lunch was at this cute little diner were we had Ariel entertaining everyone. She was singing and basically making it hard not to laugh while we ate.

Then it was the Christmas store. DANG!!! That was the maybe the only thing that could maybe have me move to Michigan. I would happily work there, it was just huge. I got some really great things including a felt advent candle wreath for Ariel to learn with over the years. I found those uber cool Easter eggs, the ones that have things in each one to teach about the resurrection. Will be great for home and Sunday school. Also got some ornies for the family for next Christmas and one for us. A crab. I love when I can find a crab or lobster one, they are so strange that its awesome. Finally we got a Jesus stocking! Its to hang with our own stockings to remember that its is Jesus’ birthday after all and he shouldn’t be left out. Reminds me of the letter Pastor Dave read a few years ago at church.

Grammy bought some ornies for Ariel as well. She got a set of Sesame Street ones, an Irish baby one and a cute blue ceramic bear. I think she will be needing her own tree this year. She was in love with the sesame street ones and carried them out to the car.

We hit one of the outlet malls that was just outside of Frankenmuth. Jonathan had his heart set on visiting the kitchen shop there and so once its in his head, we can't change it. Worked out well because there was a super cute kids shop next door!

I haven't really ever been to an outlet mall, all I can say is talk about the deals! Grammy decided that she wanted to buy Ariel a special outfit for the family gathering on Saturday, so we found the cutest dress and matching sweater. Soooooo cute. The boys were pretty funny sitting in the front chairs looking extremely bored. Hah. Too bad. Girls need to shop!

On the drive back home, I think we all (except Grammy who was driving) napped. I learned I could fall asleep siting up. I forgot I could do that. We ordered pizza for dinner, it was great. A place I have never heard of, maybe it’s a small local place. Either way, there were no leftovers.

Dan taught Ken how to play guitar heroes. That was pretty funny at first, since Ken isn’t really one for video games. He got booed off the stage the first 2 tries, then seemed to find his stride and got through the ‘message in a bottle’ song. Looks really fun, maybe I will try it tomorrow myself.

After Ariel had done a few more laps of chasing the dog around the kitchen and learning to play the spoons with Uncle Dan, it was time to pack up and go back to our first hotel again. So this is where I leave you since the Daily show is on and Ariel is finally asleep. Here’s hoping you will be seeing this post tomorrow (Friday)….cross your fingers.

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Dynamitedianne said...

yowza!! I'm all blogged out! Enjoyed the marathon posting, sounds like you're having a whirlwind of a trip! I'm exhauseted after just reading about it :D

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