Monday, December 13, 2010

Beginning of the End...

Project 365 - Day 347

And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory.
John 1:14a

And so begins the week that ends the craziness of routine and schedules and brings us into VACATION! Its starting to fill up with fun stuff and I can't wait! This past weekend Ariel got invited to a friend's house for a play date and came home with a decorated cookie. She was so proud of it, and then polished it down after I took a picture, haha.

Xander once again needs another hair cut... the never ending cycle with this boy and his bangs. We went to church on Sunday, even thought I was battling a sore throat. Thankfully its cleared up and I feel great. The extra rest helped and I hope that is it for the sick bugs before the holidays. Next Sunday is the kid's concert, I am so excited to see our little Angel up there... been picturing this moment in my head since she was a baby. It will be interesting to see what Xander thinks, as he usually enjoys watching her perform... but he knows there is a nursery of toys, so we shall see what he does in the end, haha.

Today I lit some candles, turned on some Christmas music and made some cookies with Ariel. They will be gifts for her teachers this week, so we need to still decorate them. She also made an ornament for each of them, so lots of treats for her favorite teachers! I also managed to get 3 pairs of our pj pants done. I still have one pair to go, which shouldn't take long. I still need to finish the local Christmas cards... so if you haven't gotten one from us yet, its coming, haha.

Ariel had 'red and green' day today at school. I had a cute Christmas shirt with lots of red on it that was perfect with her skirt and red leggings. She insisted she needed something green too, so I found her Christmas tree hair clip and pulled out a wreath pin that was Nana's from my jewelry box. When I told her it was Nana's, she sighed sadly and said 'when will she be back?' This is a common question when we talk about Nana. I hugged her and said that she wouldn't be back, but we would eventually go see her in heaven when we get old. She looked at me with her big brown eyes and said, 'how about we go on Saturday?' Oh Ariel, you are such a doll.

This is our craft central of all the goodies made at church and school. They made the reindeer cones today to hold their treats from the piƱata they cracked open in class today.

I had to snap a picture of our living room aglow with the tree and candles. It looked so peaceful (mainly because Ariel was playing in her room and Xander was napping). Haha!

Not sure if I will be posting much this week besides our Jesse Tree moments. I need to start the purse cake soon, and finish up all the treats and stuff on the go. I can't wait for next week... family and friends fun, peace from schedules and preparing our hearts for the coming Christ child. Amen!

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