Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Hands of Many Colors...

Project 365 - Day 341

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God.
Romans 8:28a

Like Joseph's coat of many colors, my hands at the moment are very colorful too. I have been taking advantage of being up late to work on my cake since Xander is still super clingy after being sick. He is better for the most part, but just want cuddles or watching Pocoyo on the computer. Soooooo, the moment he crashed tonight I jumped into action mixing fondant and working on the details for both of the cars that will sit on top of the cakes. Since I have an animation background I feel I need to make these look like the characters... not an easy task but as of now I am feeling really excited about them.

I ended up getting asked if I could add cookies to the order at the last minute too, which was fine until the icing phase. The gel color I got at a local store was not making my icing red... I added 2 jars of it (and for gels that is A LOT of color) only to get a lame pinky red. So I used it and went to bed, only to awake to 'streaky' cookies. I was cheesed and couldn't give these away, so I baked new cookies and went out to a different store to buy the gel color. This time the color worked with very little added, which has me thinking the stuff I bought was old, because the difference is insane! I will post pictures later this week since I hear Xander crying so I need to go.

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