Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wedding A GO GO

Project 365 - Day 256

When they saw the star, hey rejoiced with exceeding great joy.
Matthew 2:10

Speaking of great joy, my son is 'singing' at the top of his lungs beside me here. Lol, make a joyful noise eh?

So today was fun, pure and simple! I left the kids with Ken and Kara picked me up early for our 'invitation' adventure. We went out to get card stock, labels and eye up things we would need to get later on. It was super fun and we had a fantastic lunch at Moxie's. Gosh it was fun being at a restaurant where I didn't need to look through the kids menu, haha.

One other thing that happened on our adventure was me picking up a last minute gift for our family for Christmas morning. Its been something Ken and I have been talking about for ages but finally we decided to go for it... can't wait to see Ariel's face!

After our trip we came back to the house and designed up the invites, printed out a mock one and took it to her Mom and Dad's place as we were all having dinner together. So its been a full day of fun, food and friends!

3 sleeps to go!

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kelly ens said...

Fun/exciting things going on :)

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