Saturday, December 11, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Project 365 - Day 344

Thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God.
Ruth 1:16b

Yay its FRIDAY! The cakes just got picked up and my fridge has room for food again, haha. The gal was pleased and told me she would probably come calling again soon, yay! So one more cake and this Jaybird is on break for 2 weeks with her family. Well, I do have an appointment with Kara over the break for wedding invitations, and a consultation gig with another client but they shouldn't be that time consuming.

The kids were playing in Ariel's room and came down the stairs like this. I was laughing pretty hard that I didn't get great pictures, but this gives you an idea, haha. Ariel dressed up in her unicorn outfit and decided Xander should be a bee since it didn't fit her anymore. He looked pretty happy actually and was enjoying the restaurant game they were playing. Its fun to start seeing this co-playing emerge. They are just too cute for words!

Ken had his work Christmas dinner tonight and since it was the same night as the tree lighting, I decided to stay home and take the kids out. I would have liked to have gone, so maybe next year. The past few years I have either been pregnant or a newly nursing mom so I just didn't bother. In the end I had a great time with the kids at our village's traditional event.

We even ran into some friends from church and Ariel was excited to see them. Xander wasn't too sure on the whole thing but when he saw the big truck pull up with all the singers he was mesmerized. Ariel knew many of the songs this year and sang along. She would shout out 'I love this one!' and tell me if she sang it either at church or at school. It really struck me that this year she REALLY gets everything.

One thing Ariel remembered from last year was the technical difficultly they had with the tree when it was time to light it up. It took several countdowns to get it to go on... and this year was no difference. I am not sure why they don't practice this before hand, but they finally managed to get it lit and it was pretty. I did some fun artsy pics after watching the parade and following it down back to our home.

Got Ariel in bed and just as Xander was falling asleep in my arms something happened... I call it molar #2. After 3 months of having a swollen bump in his mouth, a tiny corner popped through the skin... and lets just say Xander didn't like it. He SCREAMED for an hour! Nothing was helping and so when Ken came in the door we both had to tackle him to calm him down. We got some pain meds in his system and I took him in the bath tub with me to see if that would help. Thankfully it did and he pretty much fell asleep before his head hit the pillow. Sigh... only 2 more molars to go. Blah!


kelly ens said...

cute kids, all dressing up for fun :)
Love the picture of the tree - so neat!
oh molars...they're awful, hey? :(

moe said...

What a great family pictures who did ya pictures. That's some great work.

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