Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Wrap Up!

Project 365 - Day 362

Its my last cake of 2010! A simple one yet yummy, haha. I look forward to what is waiting for me in 2011! Eek!

So FINALLY I am getting around to writing about our Christmas celebrations. I have been lazy... but that is what the holidays are about, just relaxing a bit. So for a few nights we have either been out with friends getting home late or watching some movies together. Last night however I was working on a cake into the night. This morning I put the finishing touches on the bike by adding silver edible paint and some shimmer to the body of it to look like car paint finish. Ariel gave it two thumbs up, especially since it was double chocolate - yum.

Christmas morning started at 7am, I awoke and got Ken up so we could do our own stockings in peace. Amongst the treats, movies and gift card I got a much wanted camera remote. Now we can do family pictures and I don't have to run to hit the self timer, yay! I got Ken everything from new socks to a fun coffee sampler pack from Starbucks, which he was really excited about. Yay me!

We went downstairs to light up the tree, light some candles and turn up the heat. It wasn't long till I heard little feet run to the stairs. "MOMMY! Its CHRISTMAS!" So down came Ariel and Xander to check out their stockings. Poor Xander was still sleeping and not too into his treats, but Ariel was giddy. The new felts were a big hit along with the new Tinkerbell movie. Xander did get happy when he spotted some cars poking up from his stocking.

Then we had our skype chat with Ken's mom and brothers. We watched them open their gifts and then it was our turn. Ariel got a hair salon chair and styling accessories for her American girl doll Julie. Most of the morning was her giving Julie new hair styles with the rollers, too cute!

Xander got a cute Thomas the train flash light which he loved because it talked to him, along with a fun drawing pad book which he clapped when seeing it, so it must have been a hit!

Ken and I got a fancy ice cream scoop and famous Michigan 'Sanders' chocolate sauce... a taste of home for Ken! After a nice chat we then moved on to our skype chat with Ken's Dad. He too spoiled the kids, Ariel got her own camera (pink of course) and she is now 'just like Mommy' she says.

Xander got an Elmo guitar that is nice and loud for our rock star. Thankfully it also has a volume knob on it. Haha. He was happy and sang along.

Ken got some Ray Harryhausen films which he was excited about and I got the first season of Glee!!! Whee!!!

Then my Dad and Rita came over to watch the kids open their Santa gifts. Ariel was left speechless once opening her gift. She only gasped 'PRINCESSES' when she saw the box and then was just breathing heavily, haha. I guess it was a special present. Rita then spent the rest of the morning cutting the poor dolls free from the hundreds of twist ties, good grief!

Xander got a cool car garage that he was quite excited about too. This toy has been around for years, although its changed over time. My brother and I had one at one time too... long time ago.

Ken er Santa surprised me with a cake turn table! This was something I was so wanting and never did mention as I would generally forget until I was icing a cake. I got to use it with the cake last night and one word - FABULOUS! The funny moment came when I read the card which said 'you have been a very good Mommy this year' to which Ariel said, 'yes you have, except sometimes you say stupid'. Thanks dear daughter for keeping me in check, haha.

Then we came to our family gift... turns out people were guessing what it could be and it seems like most guessed it. We got our family a Wii! Ariel stood looking at the box... what is it? Hahaha. Upon opening the second box and seeing 'Mario Kart' she recognized the picture and squealed, oh I love this thing! Ariel has been kicking our butts in most things thus far. She is a great fencer and basketball player, who knew? I have enjoyed the cooking game, but I will say I think real cooking is far easier!!! There is a dance game coming in the mail we got online for boxing day from amazon - so Ariel is eager to see and play that one. I see some good workouts ahead for us all. Haha.

We called Papa in the afternoon, but it was a hard phone call. He was pretty confused who was calling, at times I think mistaking me for my cousins wife. We still loved getting to chat and Ariel sang for him... until he hung up the phone. I told her he was tired or maybe couldn't hear and thought we had gone. She was sad but we said that Papa is getting older and sometimes these things happen. She accepted that but deep down its hard even for us. Getting old sucks sometimes.

We munched on breakfast and had a lazy afternoon till we headed to Dad and Rita's for dinner. Instead of turkey we had roast beast, ooooh soooooooooooooo goood! Mike, Jo and Henry were there but the little man was battling his first cold. So sad to see a baby sniffle and cough. I snuggled him for a bit but it was hilarious as he kept trying to arch his neck, as if to say, 'hey short person - I prefer the air where my tall parents can reach'. I don't blame him, but it was nice to snuggle a baby again.

Our families exchanged gifts, in which I got a fancy digital meat thermometer from Dad and Rita. Woohoo! Can't wait to try it out. We got some gift cards from Mike, Jo and Henry. Xander got a fancy guitar all of his own to which his smile nearly burst.

He also go some fun cars that make lots of noise, but that makes them better right (again also come with an on and off switch, yay, gotta love the toy companies finally getting wise on adding those features.) Ariel got a big Barbie make up set from her Aunt and Uncle, to which the rest of the evening she spent using. We will be talking about the fine art of make up use, haha. Less is more! She was THRILLED and that is the best part. There were lots of other wonderful gifts but the best one was being together. Awwww, tis true!

We crawled into bed worn out from the big and exciting day we had together. We were blessed with so much, and we are blessed that we can be together happy and healthy. So I shall leave it at that for now, lots more fun stuff happening with visits with friends to share about, but this blog is already super long, haha. So stay tuned!


Jill Brochard said...

Happy holidays Jay -- thanks for the card.
We got our family a wii too this year -- and so far everyone is loving it!

kelly ens said...

so much fun! sounds like everyone was pretty happy with their gifts - yay!

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