Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Happy December

Project 365 - Day 335

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
Genesis 1:1

Yay, its December... meaning its time to start the daily Jesse Tree moment! I will be posting a daily ornament with verse as we count down to Christmas day. I totally encourage you to make a tree with your family in the years to come. I look forward to using this yearly with our family for sure. Of course my ornaments aren't finished (not baked) haha, I am not always on top of everything, especially with a sick boy.

Our Christmas gift arrived early yesterday... a new tv! Our poor 'pee stained' tv (due to some sort of leak inside the screen causing a yellow blog to slowly eat our screen over this year) finally died! We have been waiting till the thing died until getting a new one, since I figure the longer we waited the more they drop in price. Thankfully the prices are awesome right now for the holidays and we got an amazing deal (even cheaper than Costco!) Stella was kind enough to help drive it home and then the recycle guys I called came today and took the old beast away. The new one is slightly smaller.

This morning Ariel got to open day one on her 'fun' advent calendar. I had found a My Little Pony one this year and needless to say she was tickled pink! She let me take a picture of the pony but didn't want herself in the picture since she wasn't feeling photo happy today (yes it does happen!)

Ken was speaking tonight at the Light of Remembrance service held at our church, I really wanted to go hear him but with Xander still puking (on me yet again) it wasn't going to happen. He was going to try and tape it for me, so we shall see. For the meantime, me and Xander are going to hang out and watch the finale of America's Next Top Model since I finished up day one of cake production.

Yes, its the start of what I call crazy cake weeks! This week is ok, just a Toy Story bed cake which is easy enough for me - thankfully since I have a sick monkey. Next week is more challenging with 2 cakes for one order and then the final week is one smaller cake... then I rest and have a week off for Christmas! Whee!!!

The next few days I need to also get our boxes for family mailed and cards done. I think that will be the big plan for this weekend. Watch out for our card coming to a mailbox near you!

Ok, Ken is home, and he brought me cookies, yay.

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kelly ens said...

poor Xander (poor mommy!) hope he gets better soon.
so many people have such neat ways to celebrate through Advent - very cool!

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