Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Super Stars!

Project 365 - Day 353

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
Philippians 4:13

So my morning started very early... around 2am with my princess coming to my bedside coughing and in tears. She was in a fit of coughs but managed to sniffle out that she was sad because she wouldn't get to sing in church if she was coughing. Ok, my heart was breaking for her, so I scooped her up and got her into bed with some water. Thankfully she got back to sleep, and so did Mommy. However it made us sleep in so things were on the rushed side.

Ariel had picked out a hair style from an online hair do blog we read and with being rushed, I didn't get to add much styling product, thinking it would hold ok... er not! By the time the concert had started, part of it was hanging in her face. Oh well. I managed to fix it when I helped her get into her angel costume later, but she told me I could make it better next time.

I was so impressed watching my baby up there today. She sung with strength and conviction. I noticed Ariel was studying the choir director closely and would make movements when she would indicate 'extra pronunciation' from the kids in the drummer boy song. See if you notice in the video. Haha.

My girl was awesome, as were all the kids today, it was a great show and she came away with a greater love of why we celebrate Christmas. Mommy's little angel, so proud of you sweetie!

Xander didn't watch the show, a friend kindly offered to play with him in the back which was awesome! Afterwards, he wanted a gingerbread man cookie... it was love at first bite!

Xander after watching Ariel sing around the house seems to want to sing along too. Several times this week he would grab wrapping paper tubes and belt out a 'ba ba ba' into them like a microphone.

Today while chatting with Ken's mom on skype. Xander took the broken ukulele and pretended to strum and sing. This clip is short just to give you an idea... but Xander 'sang' for almost an hour! We have lots of footage to prove it, but felt this was enough to get the idea, haha.

Tonight we went to the church's potluck family dinner. We had a wonderful time visiting with friends, eating and watching the kids for nearly 45 minutes try and bust open a piƱata! It became rather comical as grown men were called in to whack the sucker, only to fail. In fact it was like it was 'self healing' with the dens disappearing. Finally it came off the rope and it was decided that it should just be ripped open since the kids were getting discouraged. Haha.

On the drive home we checked out some of the Christmas light displays, some crazy stuff and pretty stuff. Ariel liked any house that had moving things on its lawn. Hoping we can do that some more in the coming days.

Tomorrow is the first real day of our vacation! Whee! The countdown is on to Christmas day! Ariel is REALLY excited... I gotta admit I am too! Stay tuned for fun fun fun!

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Kevin Banks said...

Hey there,

I stumbled across your blog on Google. It's great to see your enthusiasm for your children and for life in general. Life truly is a big adventure isn't it? Keep living it and looking forward to the even better life to come.



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