Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Vacation

Project 365 - Day 351

I lay down my life for the sheep.
John 10:15

Woohoo! We are officially on vacation!!!!!!! As Ken walked through the door tonight we entered our 2 weeks of family togetherness, haha. I am sure by the end of those 2 weeks we will be ready for routine again, but until then - bring on the unstructured chaos! I am watching Stephen Colbert's Christmas special as I write, haha, looking forward to fun specials nightly.

A few things of exciting mention this week, Ariel passed in her swimming course! She is no longer a sea turtle but a salamander. She was so giddy when seeing her report card she was shaking. My little overachiever was asking me to read ahead in the booklet to what she had to do to pass the next set. (Who's kid is she?) Ariel had a fantastic teacher this time and wants me to sign her up for the next set asap, but I am still trying to figure out how to fit that in the schedule. So we shall see.... until then she is just so confident in the water, and as a mom I am proud, and as someone who isn't totally confident when it comes to water (due to poor teaching and a prank - pushed in the deep end of the pool as a kid) I am in awe of her. I learn so much from her and I honestly think she has helped me in so many ways with my own struggles. Kids are amazing and I am blessed that I get the honor of being her mommy.

Last night while Ken was teaching I took advantage of the quiet and finished up my cake order for the week. Its for a gal who likes the finer things in life, as quoted by her friend. So a Louis Vuitton purse it had to be. It took some time to hand draw each of those little designs. I had a print out of the pattern to reference but soon it was etched into my brain, haha. I think it might be the only time I ever have a purse like this in our home, too rich for my blood, hee. Besides, cake is far better.

Xander is still coughing, but is improving. His nose is getting better, only 2 snot explosions today as I call them. Of course while we are driving so he freaks and smears it all over. YUCK, and sorry if that was too much info. I made lemon garlic chicken for dinner, a recipe Ken's mom gave me to help when the cold bugs strike. Hoping it helps everyone stay healthy and heal the sickies.

Tomorrow Ariel has practice in the morning for her Sunday School program. So while she is there I am going to do our big holiday shop for food. Made a list tonight of meal ideas and goodies for events. Ariel is having her friends over this week for a cookie decoration party. Should be fun and great to visit with friends we don't see much with all our busy schedules and being so spread out all over, so need to get some things for that. Also need to pick up some parcels that arrived while we were out today, I do believe its the box from Ken's mom, so that is exciting!

Well, its late, and I have an early morning so I am gonna get to bed. Look forward to some fun stuff with Ariel's concert at church! Yay!


kelly ens said...

ok, so the cake is AMAZING (i've said that already, but it's totally worth mentioning again).
SOOOO awesome about Ariel - it's SO great to see our girls growing and learning (and seeing how they teach us too :)
enjoy your vacation!

Kristin said...

WOW that cake is awesome!

Anonymous said...

You are truly beyond TALENTED!! The cake is beautiful!! I have this exact bag in the black! LOVE it!!I am in pure ENVY of your creativity! You are truly blessed!
Happy Holidays!

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