Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Birthday Girl

First off, thank you everyone who wished our little sweetie a happy birthday! It was a fun day, very low key, but she is getting a huge party on Saturday, so this was a nice way to celebrate just with Ken's family.

Ken did a lot of video this morning, and she was kinda out of it at first, having a rough night and little nap the previous day. She was soon all smiles in her birthday shirt!

The morning was a scheduled girls party with getting pedicures! Even Ariel got her first one, very pretty!

Ariel got a few early gifts including a new quilt from Stella, book and toy phone from Nana, and dresses, books and doll from Grammy. What a lucky girl!

At lunch, Ken and the boys returned and Ariel and I both went down for a nap. We needed it. Afterwards, we went for a walk and to the park for some playtime. Whee.

We had dinner at the Boot. Ariel, since she was a big girl, ordered off the kids menu! She had mac and cheese, and loved it. Then it was off to swimming lessons. We have a new teacher this time, which is ok, but its her first time with the little ones, so she was kinda nervous. There are 5 other babies in the class this time... but they are all boys. Oh well. Ariel took a liking to one of them, and so it begins.

After class we came home for some 'practice' cake. We got our free Thrifty's cake, and gave her a piece, and it was pretty funny. She will be a pro by saturday. Look at her go!

The house is quiet again. Ariel is in bed, and we are sitting around tidying up. Tomorrow it looks like we are going downtown to Stanley Park, which should be fun. Thanks again for all your nice comments, I plan on printing them to put in her baby book. Amazing.... she is one....wow.


Dianne said...

lol... love love LOVE the last picture. I can't wait to take smushy cake pictures with our own little one :)

Kim said...

I'm with Dianne on this one . . . that last cake picture is totally classic! That picture has to be brought out for show on future birthdays!!

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