Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Its Here!!!

Yes, after having to wait a bit longer than most people, I finally got my hands on (well Ariel got her hands on it first) the final Harry Potter book. Yay. Much reading will happen. Its not like I don't know the ending though, come on, it was practically all over the news and web 5 minutes after being released... actually some places before that. Am I sad I know the ending already, nah. This is the girl who reads movie pooper to find out the endings before seeing the movie. Hahaha. Yes, its weird, and its me. I don't like surprises, in fact I get really anxious and it tends to make me sick... seriously, ask my family how many special occasions I missed out on because of this. Ugh. I also used to ask my brother if any animals died in movies, cuz if fido didn't make it, I wasn't seeing it.

Not much to report, it was hot, I didn't like it. Ugh. That was the nasty heat like last year. Very hard to stay cool. Ariel and I had coffee with Nana and were back home pretty fast. I went out later to have a walk with Kara and it was NASTY HOT! I did enjoy spending some time with her, as she is taking off for some vacation time this weekend.

Oh, Ariel got her hair clips in the mail today, I will try to remember to take a pic tomorrow, as they came on a cute hanger ribbon that is perfect to display them. They are really little works of art. I love supporting other stay at home mom businesses. Its so cool! I entered Ariel in a contest to win more. I had to send in a picture of her wearing the clip, and if she is the lucky winner, her pic will be on the website. Hee. Lets wait and see.

We are seeing Ken's Aunt Nancy and her family tomorrow evening, so that will be fun. Haven't seen them since April. They are driving up from Washington, where Nancy is part of a Music Festival. She is a professional oboist if you were wondering.

A side note, today, back in 2000, my dear Ken proposed to me while I was housesitting. He made this fantastic video set to the 'wedding song, there is love' and put clips of our fav movies to it. It still makes me cry. Awe. Love you babe!

Ok, wanna do some clean up around here, so I shall sign off. Oh, if you have been reading the 'Life Through my Eyes... ' blog under my links, Suz had the babies! All 4 arrived and they were born at 30 weeks. There are of course medical issues, but we are praying everything goes well. Stop by her blog if you want more info.

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Dianne said...

Wellll? Are you done yet?? How's the book?

I didn't do internet searches or watch the news until after I finished the book, just to keep the ending a surprise. Not that that was a big sacrifice on my part :)

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