Saturday, August 25, 2007

I love technology...

...well, not all the time, but when its going good, why not. We decided not to go to the PNE today since the weatherman called for rain (never really did rain that hard) and headed to Mike and Jo's place for a visit, and then have our new compy ordered! Mike was taking us to a place where you pick the parts and they build it, so that's very cool. Our new computer will put this one to shame. The only thing I am trying to decide on is the monitor... hmmm. (Note, this isn't our computer in the pic, but the store one that Ariel was having fun playing with, she is tech savvy already) Anyhoo, its ready next Saturday so looks like we are booked for another day with computer fun.

We when to Ricky's for a late breakfast aka lunch... it was noon. Hee. We treated them for their 1st anniversary which is tomorrow. I also remembered to give them the anniversary card I bought 2 weeks after their wedding because it was so perfect and I knew I wouldn't find anything better. Ken was convinced I may lose it or forget, but my brain power won out this time! Yay. Also gave them one of our newly obtained pictures of Ariel from her day at Sears... oh there is a story to this, trust me. Its never an easy road with anything I do. Ha.

So Friday I wake up and I feel kinda off. I figure I am hungry so I try and eat, no such luck. I still continue to get ready and leave for the mall with Ariel. We get out there and I figure to pick up our pictures first. I am glad I did, because we had issues... again... like last time!

So I get there and they find my pictures and start laying them out and I soon realize a sheet of them are missing. Sigh. Mr photographer comes over, looks at the order and says, 'I made a mistake, I will order that one and will call you in 14 days so you can pick it up.' Ok, a sorry would have been nice... but then he goes on... 'so we have these extra sheets printed that you can purchase today.' Um, no I just spend a nice amount on the pictures I DID ORDER that you didn't get. That's what I was thinking... I ended up saying, I really can't even consider this at the moment, trying to show how upset this whole experience had been.

Seriously, if he had maybe said, I am so sorry but let me try and make better. I will get a rush on this and as a sorry we messed up, take one of these extra prints we made up. Is that asking too much? I use to work in a customer service job, I know how it works... maybe he didn't. While I tried to keep my cool, he then asked if I needed any frames!!!!! Good grief, why on earth would I want to buy anything else from you at this moment!!!! I walked away and called Nana to vent. My stomach was hurting at that moment and I wrote it off as anger.

Ariel and I hit the mall and tried to forget the pictures. We found some new jeans for princess, fall is coming - FAST. When did that happen? All of a sudden its getting cooler and the leaves are turning. Kinda sad but I love fall so its all good. We also found a few cute shirts, long sleeved. We stopped for lunch of a slice of pizza that we shared. It was a good thing we shared because again I could barely eat. This was weird. Afterwards I was hoping to look for a dress for me and my upcoming 10 year reunion next month, but Ariel was getting sleepy so we headed home.

Upon coming in the door my tummy was in serious pain and I could barely hold my head up. I didn't feel like I was going to be sick, but I knew I wasn't well. I got Ariel in bed and collapsed on the couch, figuring I could sleep it off. I spent that time looking up the customer service phone number for sears and giving them a call. After talking to a very nice lady who planned on rushing my photos out asap and extended her deepest sorry, I felt a bit better. However it was short lived... that's when the shakes started.

I was freezing and sore. My whole body was pins and needles. Yuck. I got in the shower to try and heat up and Ariel woke up. I got her back to sleep and tried again to sleep myself. I kept shaking and tossing in my bed. Ariel then was up for good and I called Ken to see if he could leave work early to come home. He was going to try, and ended up calling Nana to come over in the meantime. She showed up while I was in the shower again while Ariel was standing there playing peek a boo with the shower curtain. She stayed long enough to give me a chance to relax without having to worry about princess.

Ken was able to get home early and took over. He got Ariel out to her last swimming class (she passed - yay) and made a nice dinner of pancakes for us all. I finally was able to eat, but was really weak. I feel better after I had a really deep sleep, but my tummy is still a bit sore. So, not sure if it was a bug or flu... but we were so busy it could be it all catching up with me... and no I am not pregnant, in case you were thinking that as a possible cause.

That leads us back to now. After leaving Mike and Jo, we went back to the mall for pants for Ken and a dress for me. Success on both! We went to the Gap and Ken got a great pair of dark wash jeans and killer dress pants. While looking around the store waiting for Ken to try them on, I found a rack of dresses. In a moment of sheer guts, I took 3 to try on. I haven't been able to fit most of the clothes there since before my pregnancy. To my surprise and utter amazement, they all fit! When did I lose enough weight? I was taking those classes at the gym, I guess they worked. Yay. Anyhoo, the first 2 dresses were a little plunging for my liking, but the third was perfect! I walked out of the dressing room smiling. I SO haven't done that in ages.

We shopped a bit more at old navy where I got some cozy sweats for those fall walks with Ariel, not to mention they were super cute, off the shoulder 80's style, woot. We left the mall as Ariel slept in the car and came home. She slept for an hour or so until the phone woke her up and we had dinner together. All in all, a nice family day. We love having daddy home for a few weekends until his classes start again. Its awesome.

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